Pokémon The Indigo Disk Release Date & Info


Indigo Disk Release Date

The Indigo Disk Release date has been announced. To give it its full name, the game Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Lost Treasures of Area Zero Part 2 The Indigo Disk will release on 14th December 2023. 

This second part of the Lost Treasures of Area Zero is bundled with the first part: The Teal Mask and costs £31.49 / $35 when purchased online through the Nintendo e-shop.

The Indigo Disk Release Date


Where can I play the Indigo Disk?

The Indigo Disk is Part 2 of the Scarlet & Violet expansion – The Lost Treasures of Area Zero. The game is available to play on the Nintendo Switch. However, it is not a stand alone game and players need to purchase and play either Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet. The expansion can then be purchased in the Nintendo e-shop or by clicking the Downloadable Content button in the bottom right hand corner.

Unlike Part 1 of the Scarlet & Violet expansion, The Teal Mask, players need to have completed the main story of either Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet before The Indigo Disk expansion can be accessed. 


What is the Gameplay time for The Indigo Disk?

Although the Indigo Disk release date is known, details on gameplay has not been revealed. However, completion of the main story in Part 1, The Teal Mask, is around 6 hours so it seems reasonable that gameplay for the Indigo Disk may be a similar length. 

For players who like to complete their Pokédex and find all collectibles gameplay will be longer. To achieve this in Part 1 The Teal Mask took around 14 hours.


What is the story behind The Indigo Disk?

In The Indigo Disk, the player will travel away from Paldea to study at the Blueberry Academy, which is located in the Unova region. In this academy battling Pokémon is a key feature of the school curriculum.

As part of the story, the player will visit the Terarium Dome which is located under the sea. Here they will meet the Legendary Pokémon Terapagos as well as new Pokémon Archaludon, Raging Bolt and Iron Crown. They will also battle the Blueberry League’s Elite Four.



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