Complete List of ex Cards

This page gives a complete list of ex Cards.

Pokemon ex cards were first introduced in 2003 with the launch of EX Ruby and Sapphire, the first set of the EX Series. They continued through the series ending with EX Power Keepers in 2007. 

ex cards will return in 2023 with the launch of Generation IX Scarlet and Violet.

All ex cards are marked with the ex symbol at the top of the card.

ex symbol - list of ex cards

Listed below is a complete list of ex Cards. Cards are grouped by expansion set and listed in numerical order.


Complete List of ex Cards


EX Series
Scarlet & Violet Series

List of ex cards

96/109   Chansey ex  ★H
97/109   Electabuzz ex  ★H
98/109   Hitmonchan ex  ★H
99/109   Lapras ex  ★H
100/109   Magmar ex  ★H
101/109   Mewtwo ex  ★H
102/109   Scyther ex  ★H
103/109   Sneasel ex  ★H

EX Sandstorm Logo

94/100   Aerodactyl ex  ★H
95/100   Aggron ex  ★H
96/100   Gardevoir ex  ★H
97/100   Kabutops ex  ★H
98/100   Raichu ex  ★H
99/100   Typhlosion ex  ★H
100/100   Wailord ex  ★H

EX Dragon Logo

89/97   Ampharos ex  ★H
90/97   Dragonite ex  ★H
91/97   Golem ex  ★H
92/97   Kingdra ex  ★H
93/97   Latias ex  ★H
94/97   Latios ex  ★H
95/97   Magcargo ex  ★H
96/97   Muk ex  ★H
97/97   Rayquaza ex  ★H

EX Magma vs Aqua logo

89/95   Blaziken ex  ★H
90/95   Cradily ex  ★H
91/95   Entei ex  ★H
92/95   Raikou ex  ★H
93/95   Sceptile ex  ★H
94/95   Suicune ex  ★H
95/95   Swampert ex  ★H

Hidden Legends

93/101   Groudon ex  ★H
94/101   Kyogre ex  ★H
95/101   Metagross ex  ★H
96/101   Ninetales ex  ★H
97/101   Regice ex  ★H
98/101   Regirock ex  ★H
99/101   Registeel ex  ★H
100/101   Vileplume ex  ★H
101/101   Wigglytuff ex  ★H

EX FireRed LeafGreen Card List

104/112   Blastoise ex  ★H
105/112   Charizard ex  ★H
106/112   Clefable ex  ★H
107/112   Electrode ex  ★H
108/112   Gengar ex  ★H
109/112   Gyarados ex  ★H
110/112   Mr. Mime ex  ★H
111/112   Mr. Mime ex  ★H
112/112   Venusaur ex  ★H

POP Series 1 Logo

16/17   Armaldo ex  ★H
17/17   Tyranitar ex  ★H
17/17   Tyraintar ex  ★H

Team Rocket Returns Logo

96/109   Rocket’s Articuno ex  ★H
97/109   Rocket’s Entei ex  ★H
98/109   Rocket’s Hitmonchan ex  ★H
99/109   Rocket’s Mewtwo ex  ★H
100/109   Rocket’s Moltres ex  ★H
101/109   Rocket’s Scizor ex  ★H
102/109   Rocket’s Scyther ex  ★H
103/109   Rocket’s Sneasel ex  ★H
104/109   Rocket’s Snorlax ex  ★H
105/109   Rocket’s Suicune ex  ★H
106/109  Rocket’s Zapdos ex  ★H

EX Deoxys Logo

96/107   Crobat ex  ★H
97/107   Deoxys ex  ★H
98/107   Deoxys ex  ★H
99/107   Deoxys ex  ★H
100/107   Hariyama ex  ★H
101/107   Manectric ex  ★H
102/107   Rayquaza ex  ★H
103/107   Salamence ex  ★H
104/107   Sharpedo ex  ★H

EX Emerald Logo

90/106   Altaria ex  ★H
91/106   Cacturne ex  ★H
92/106   Camerupt ex  ★H
93/106   Deoxys ex  ★H
94/106   Dusclops ex  ★H
95/106   Medicham ex  ★H
96/106   Milotic ex  ★H
97/106   Raichu ex  ★H
98/106   Regice ex  ★H
99/106   Regirock ex  ★H
100/106   Registeel ex  ★H

POP Series 2

17/17   Celebi ex  ★H

Unseen Forces Logo

101/115   Blissey ex  ★H
102/115   Espeon ex  ★H
103/115   Feraligatr ex  ★H
104/115   Ho-Oh ex  ★H
105/115   Lugia ex  ★H
106/115   Meganium ex  ★H
107/115   Politoed ex  ★H
108/115   Scizor ex  ★H
109/115   Steelix ex  ★H
110/115   Typhlosion ex  ★H
111/115   Tyranitar ex  ★H
112/115   Umbreon ex  ★H
116/115   Rocket’s Persian ex  ★S
117/115   Celebi ex  ★S

EX Delta Species

108/113   Flareon ex  ★H
109/113   Jolteon ex  ★H
110/113   Vaporeon ex  ★H

Legend Maker

83/92   Arcanine ex  ★H
84/92   Armaldo ex  ★H
85/92   Banette ex  ★H
86/92   Dustox ex  ★H
87/92   Flygon ex  ★H
88/92   Mew ex  ★H
89/92   Walrein ex  ★H

POP Series 3

17/17   Ho-Oh ex  ★H

Holon Phantoms logo

99/110   Crawdaunt ex  ★H
100/110   Mew ex  ★H
101/110  Mightyena ex  ★H

POP Series 4

17/17   Deoxys ex  ★H

Crystal Guardians Logo

89/100   Aggron ex  ★H
90/100   Blaziken ex  ★H
91/100   Delcatty ex  ★H
92/100   Exploud ex  ★H
93/100   Groudon ex  ★H
94/100   Jirachi ex  ★H
95/100   Kyogre ex  ★H
96/100   Sceptile ex  ★H
97/100   Shiftry ex  ★H
98/100   Swampert ex  ★H

Dragon Frontiers Logo

90/101   Altaria ex  ★H
91/101   Dragonite ex  ★H
92/101   Flygon ex  ★H
93/101   Gardevoir ex  ★H
94/101   Kingdra ex  ★H
95/101   Latias ex  ★H
96/101   Latios ex  ★H
97/101   Rayquaza ex  ★H
98/101   Salamence ex  ★H
99/101   Tyranitar ex  ★H

EX Power Keepers Logo

92/108   Absol ex  ★H
93/108   Claydol ex  ★H
94/108   Flygon ex  ★H
95/108   Metagross ex  ★H
96/108   Salamence ex  ★H
97/108   Shiftry ex  ★H
98/108   Skarmory ex  ★H
99/108   Walrein ex  ★H

Scarlet & Violet Logo

Arcanine ex
Koraidon  ex
Miraidon  ex
Mimikyu  ex
Lucario  ex
Magnezone  ex
Ampharos ex
Cyclizar ex


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