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Coded Yellow is an independent website founded with the aim of offering comprehensive news, views and information about Pokémon characters, products and games for users with or without prior knowledge of Pokémon. The site is not in any way affiliated with the Pokemon Company International, Pokémon Japan, Nintendo or GAME FREAK.


Written Content

The written content on this site falls into three main categories – descriptions, opinions and news. All written content remains the property of Coded Yellow as detailed below. Written content may be freely copied for personal usage providing attribution is given. Please contact for permission to use for commercial use.


Coded Yellow provides descriptions of Pokémon and Pokémon related Products and Games. These are faithful descriptions of said items, written in the author’s own words, specifically for this site and based on factual information given by the Pokémon Company International or the product / game manufacturer.


Where opinions are voiced on the site, they are strictly the opinions of the author of the article. They are not the opinions of the Pokémon Company International or the product / game manufacturer. 


The news section of the site reports the latest Pokémon developments, products and cards revealed. Our main sources for news are: Pokémon News, Pokébeach and Pokéguardian. All written information is paraphrased or summarised from sources by the author of that news article. 


Images are used widely across the site to provide visual context to, and enhance the understanding of, written descriptions, opinions or news articles. 

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