Shrouded Fable Card List (Prospective)



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The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Shrouded Fable expansion set will release on 2nd August 2024 as the third special set of the Generation IX Scarlet and Violet series. 

The Shrouded Fable Card list has 94+ cards including:

3 ACE SPEC Trainer cards
6 Pokémon ex
15 Illustration rare Pokémon
10 Ultra rare Pokémon
5 Special Illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
5 Hyper Rare Gold etched cards

Set cards are numbered ?/064
All cards are marked with the set code

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Please Note: the cards listed below are those that are assumed to be included in the Shrouded Fable expansion set. As a prospective list it is subject to change up to the release date. Those cards that have been confirmed are listed with their card number

Shrouded Fable Card List Prospective


Half Art ex Cards
Kingdra ex  ★★H
Revavroom ex  ★★H
Okidogi ex  ★★H
Munkidori ex  ★★H
Fezandipiti ex  ★★H
Pecharunt ex  ★★H

Illustration Rare Cards
066/064   Houndoom  H
068/064   Duskull  H
069/064   Dusclops  H
070/064   Dusknoir  H
075/064   Zorua  H

Special Illustration Rare Cards
093/064   Pecharunt  ★★H
094/064   Cassiopeia  ★★H

Holo Rare Cards
020/064   Dusknoir  ★H
021/064   Cresselia  ★H
032/064   Zoroark  ★H

Uncommon Cards
009/064   Iron Moth  ◆
026/064   Slither Wing  ◆
034/064   Malamar  ◆
040/064   Genesect  ◆
047/064   Kyurem  ◆
055/064   Binding Mochi  ◆
057/064   Colress’s Tenacity  ◆
Xerosic’s Machinations 

Common Cards 
003/064   Rowlet  ●
007/064   Houndour  ●
016/064   Drowzee  ●
019/064   Dusclops  ●
033/064   Inkay  ●




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