Pokémon Generation I Trainers – Complete List


Pokémon Generation I launched in Japan on 27th February 1996 and made its international debut on 28th September 1998 with Pokémon Red and Blue. Pokémon Yellow is also a Generation I game and was released in Japan in 1998 and internationally in 1999. 


What are Pokémon Generation I Trainers?

Pokémon Generation I Trainers are those trainers that are found in the Generation I games – Red, Blue and Yellow. Pokémon Trainers are people who capture and train Pokémon and then compete to become a Champion. Along their journey they compete with other Pokémon trainers. 


Trainers are grouped into different classes depending on their ability. There are a total of 33 different Trainer Classes that were introduced in the Generation I games. The majority of these are generic trainers that are not individually named but are known by a descriptive noun eg Bird Catcher or Fisherman. They can be found in many different locations where they challenge the player to a match.

More experienced Trainers become Gym Leaders and these Trainers are named. There are 8 Generation I Trainers that are Gym Leaders. Players compete against Gym leaders to win Gym Badges. When all Gym Badges are collected the player can battle the Elite Four.

The Elite Four are four very experienced and strong Trainers. These Trainers are also given names. Once the Elite Four are defeated, the player can go on to battle the Champion – the last Trainer to defeat the Elite Four. The Champion for Generation I is Blue.

Team Rocket are a group of malevolent Trainers that exploit Pokémon for their own aims. The members of Team Rocket are known as Grunts and they try to hamper the player’s progress whenever possible. They are led by a Boss. The Boss for Generation I is Giovanni.


Pokémon Generation I Trainers – Complete List

Champion (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Blue Pokémon ChampionBlue

Full Name – Blue Oak
Favoured Pokémon Type – None
Stadium – Indigo Plateau


Generation I Trainers – Elite Four (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Lorelei - Elite Four Generation ILorelei

Favoured Pokémon Type – Ice
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Bruno Generation I TrainersBruno

Favoured Type – Fighting
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Agatha Pokémon TrainerAgatha

Favoured Type – Ghost
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Lance Pokémon Elite fourLance

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Indigo Plateau


Generation I Trainers – Gym Leaders (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Brock, Generation I Gym LeaderBrock

Location – Pewter City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Rock
Badge – Boulder Badge

Misty Gym LeaderMisty

Location – Cerulean City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water
Badge – Cascade Badge

Lt Surge Gym Leader Generation I TrainersLt Surge

Location – Vermillion City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Electric
Badge – Thunder Badge

Erika TrainerErika

Location – Celadon City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Grass
Badge – Rainbow Badge

Koga Pokémon Gym LeaderKoga

Location – Fuchsia City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison 
Badge – Soul Badge

Sabrina Gym LeaderSabrina

Location – Saffron City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Psychic
Badge – Marsh Badge

Blaine Pokémon Gym LeaderBlaine

Location – Cinnabar Island
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire
Badge – Volcano Badge

Giovanni Team Rocket

Location – Viridian City
Favoured Pokémnon Type – Ground
Badge – Earth Badge


Generation I Trainers – Team Rocket Boss (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Giovanni Team Rocket

Role – Team Rocket Boss
Favoured Pokémon Type – Ground

Team RocketTeam Rocket Grunts

Role – Work for Boss Giovanni
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Trainer Classes

Complete list of all Trainer Classes introduced in Generation I

Bird Keeper
Bug Catcher
Cue Ball
Elite Four
Gym Leader
Jr. Trainer (female)
Jr. Trainer (male)
Poké Maniac
Super Nerd
Team Rocket Boss
Team Rocket Grunts




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