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Agatha Pokémon Trainer Facts

Agatha is an Elite Four member that first appeared in the games Pokémon Red and Blue that released in Japan in September 1998. 

Agatha is an elderly lady who uses a stick for mobility. She has blond hair, black eyes and angular facial features. She is generally depicted wearing a purple dress with a white colour over which she wears a white apron. She wears purple shoes and sometimes she is shown wearing a shawl around her shoulders.



Agatha Pokémon Trainer Facts
Agatha Games Appearances
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Agatha Pokémon Trainer Cards


Agatha Pokémon Trainer Facts

Agatha Pokémon Trainer

English Name – Agatha
Japanese Name – Kikuko
First Appearance – 1999 (Pokémon Red and Blue)
Generations – I, III, VII
Region – Kanto, Johto
Trainer Class – Elite Four
Location – Indigo Plateau
Preferred Pokémon Type – Ghost
Hometown – Unknown
Known Family – None
Age – Elderly
Gender – Female
Hair Colour – Blonde
Eye colour – Black


Agatha Games Appearances

Pokémon Red and Blue  1999
Pokémon Yellow  2000
FireRed and LeafGreen  2004
Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee  2018


Agatha’s Pokémon Team

Agatha is known to prefer Ghost type Pokémon. Her teams are listed below

Pokémon Red & Blue, Pokémon Yellow

Gengar Pokémon Golbat Pokémon Haunter PokémonHaunter
Arbok Pokémon Gengar Pokémon

Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen

Gengar Pokémon Crobat PokémonCrobat Misdreavus PokémonMisdreavus
Arbok Pokémon Gengar Pokémon

Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee

Arbok Pokémon Gengar Pokémon Golbat Pokémon
Weezing PokémonWeezing Gengar Pokémon


Agatha Pokémon Trainer Cards List – (scroll to bottom for gallery view)

SWSH Chilling Reign 2021
129/198 AgathaAgatha
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 129/198

186/198 AgathaAgatha
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 186/198

210/198 AgathaAgatha
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 210/198


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129/198 Agatha
186/198 Agatha
210/198 Agatha
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