Pokémon Generation IX Trainers Complete List

Pokémon Generation IX launched globally on 18th November2022 with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The games are set in the Paldea region.

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What are Pokémon Generation IX Trainers?

Pokémon Generation IX Trainers are those trainers that are found in the Generation IX games – Scarlet and Violet. Pokémon Trainers are people who capture and train Pokémon and then compete to become a Champion. Along their journey they compete with other Pokémon trainers. 


Trainers are grouped into different classes depending on their ability. There are a total of 26 different Trainer Classes in the Generation IX games. The majority of these are generic trainers that are not individually named but are known by a descriptive noun eg Backpacker or Student. They can be found in many different locations where players can challenge them to a match.

More experienced Trainers become Gym Leaders and these Trainers are named. There are 8 Generation IX Trainers that are Gym Leaders and these can be found by playing the Victory Road storyline. Players compete against Gym leaders to win Gym Badges. When all Gym Badges are collected the player can battle the Elite Four.

The Elite Four are four very experienced and strong Trainers. These Trainers are also given names. Once the Elite Four are defeated, the player can go on to battle the Top Champion Geeta.

Team Star are delinquent students that exploit Pokémon for their own aims. There are five Team Star squads each led by a Team Star boss. After defeating Team Star Grunts, the player competes against the Team Star Bosses to win further badges.


Pokémon Generation IX Trainers – Complete List

Top Champion

Top Champion GeetaGeeta

Favoured Type – Uses different types
Stadium – Rooftop of the Pokémon League Building


Generation IX Trainers – Elite Four

Generation IX Trainers - RikaRika

Favoured Type – Ground
Stadium – League Building

Poppy Pokémon TrainerPoppy

Favoured Type – Steel
Stadium – Indigo League Building

Larry Generation IX Pokémon TrainersLarry

Favoured Type – Flying
Stadium – League Building

Hassel Pokémon TrainerHassel

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – League Building


Generation IX Trainers – Gym Leaders

Katy Gym LeaderKaty

Location – Cortondo
Favoured Pokémon Type – Bug
Badge – Bug badge

Brassius Gym LeaderBrassius

Location – Artazon
Favoured Type – Grass
Badge – Grass Badge

Iono Pokémon Generation IX TrainersIono

Location – Levincia
Favoured Type – Electric
Badge – Electric Badge

Kofu Pokémon TrainerKofu

Location – Cascarrafa
Favoured Type – Water Type
Badge – Water Badge

Larry Generation IX Pokémon TrainersLarry

Location – Medali
Favoured Type – Normal
Badge – Normal Badge

Gym Leader RymeRyme

Location – Montenevera
Favoured Type – Ghost
Badge – Ghost Badge

Tulip Pokémon TrainersTulip

Location – Alfornada
Favoured Type – Psychic
Badge – Psychic Badge

Grusha Pokémon Generation IX TrainersGrusha

Location – Glaseado Mountain
Favoured Type – Ice
Badge – Ice Badge


Generation IX Trainers – Team Star Bosses

Giacomo Team Star BossGiacomo

Location – Segin Squad’s Base
Favoured Type – Dark
Badge – Dark Badge

Mela Team Star BossMela

Location – Schedar Squad’s Base
Favoured Type – Fire
Badge – Fire Badge

Atticus Team Star BossAtticus

Location – Navi Squad’s Base
Favoured Type – Poison
Badge – Poison Badge

Ortega Team Star BossOrtega

Location – Ruchbah Squad’s Base
Favoured Type – Fairy
Badge – Fairy Badge

Eri Team Star BossEri

Location – Caph Squad’s Base
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Fighting Badge


Generation IX Trainers – Team Star Grunts

Team Star GruntsTeam Star Grunts

Role – Work for Team Star Bosses


Trainer Classes

Complete list of all Generation IX Trainer Classes in alphabetical order

Black Belt
Dragon Tamer
Elite Four
Gym Leader
Gym Trainer
Office Worker
Poké Maniac
Team Star Boss
Team Star Grunt
Top Champion


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