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The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces expansion set will release on 22nd March 2024 as the fifth main set of the Generation IX Scarlet and Violet series. This set continues the Ancient and Future mechanics and cards with these mechanics are designated A or F before the rarity symbol.

The Temporal Forces Card list has 160+ cards including:

7 ACE SPEC Trainer and Special Energy cards
13 Pokémon ex and two Tera Pokémon ex
22 Illustration Rare Pokémon
10 Special Illustration Rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
Six Hyper Rare gold etched cards

Set cards are numbered ?/162
All cards are marked with the set code

Temporal Forces Symbol

**Please note: the cards detailed below are those expected to feature in the upcoming set. Those that have been revealed to be in the set are listed with their card number. Those without a card number are based on speculation. There may be changes to the list up until the set release date 22nd March 2024

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Temporal Forces Card List


Temporal Forces Card List by Rarity


Half Art Double Rare Holo ex Card
012/162   Torterra ex  ★★H
034/162   Incineroar ex  ★★H
104/162   Gengar ex  ★★H
108/162   Farigiraf ex  ★★H

Illustration Rare Cards
168-062   Snom  H
173/162   Relicanth  H
182/162   Minccino  H
183/162   Cinccino  H
184/162   Drampa  H

Special Illustration Rare Cards
204/162   Gouging Fire ex (A)  H
205/162   Walking Wake ex (A)  H
206/162   Iron Crown ex (F)  H
207/192   Iron Boulder ex (F)  H

Holo Rare Cards
029/162   Magcargo  ★H
119/162   Koraidon (A)  ★H

Ace Spec Cards
153/162   Master Ball
157/162  Prime Catcher
162/162   Neo Upper Energy 

Uncommon Cards
057/162   Zeraora  ◆
144/162   Buddy-Buddy Poffin  ◆

Common Cards
001/162   Scyther  ●
010/162   Turtwig  ●
011/162   Grotle  ●
123/162   Rellor  ●
032/162   Litten  ●
032/162   Torracat  ●
039/162   Totodile  ●
066/162   Girafarig  ●
089/162   Rockruff  ●



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