Hidden Potential Tins Autumn 2022


What are Hidden Potential Tins?

Hidden Potential Tins

The Hidden Potential tins are the set of three Pokémon collection tins being released Autumn 2022. 

Releasing on 14th October 2022, the tins will feature Giratina V, Gallade V and Rotom V. 

The artwork for the tins feature a striped V over a background that reflects the colouring of the featured Pokémon. 

There are different designs for the European and American versions. The European tins have a vertical design, while the American tins have a horizontal design.

The tins are expected to retail for £21.99 in the UK and $24.99 in the US.

Hidden Potential Tins US


What is inside the Hidden Potential Tins?

The contents of the tins are expected to be similar to previous collection tins:

Each tin will contain a Promo card – Rotom V SWSH257, Gallade V SWSH258, Giratina V SWSH259

A code card for the online game

The European tins will contain 4 booster packs while the American tins will contain 5.


Hidden Potential Tins Promo Cards



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