What are Black Star Promo Cards?

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Black Star Promo Cards

What are black star promo cards - Raichu

A Black Star Promo card is a special promotional card produced to promote an event or particular expansion series

What are Black Star Promo Cards?These cards are identified by a black star at the bottom of the card with  the word Promo written through it. 

They also have a unique identifier made up of letters representing the expansion set and a number. 

The Raichu GX card pictured here has the number SM213. SM represents the Sun and Moon series and the card is the 213th promo card in the Sun and Moon Series.

The first Promo cards were introduced by Wizards of the Coast in July 1999. They went on to release a total of 53 cards until Nintendo took over production in 2003.

Nintendo carried on the tradition of producing Promo cards and to date have issued:

EX Series – 40 cards
Diamond and Pearl Series – 56 cards
HeartGold SoulSilver – 25 cards
Black and White – 101 cards
XY Series – 211 cards
Sun and Moon Series – 244 cards
Sword and Shield Series – 178 cards to date

Where Can I Find Black Star Promo Cards?

What are Black Star Promo Cards?

These special cards can not be found in regular booster packs. Instead they are released in special collection sets or tins.

The Raichu card SM213 (pictured above) was a promotional card included with one design of the Sun and Moon Hidden Fates Collector’s tins.

Black Star Promo cards can also be found at special events. Some are produced specially as prizes in Trading Card Competitions.

How Valuable are Black Star Promo Cards?

The majority of Black Star Promo cards fetch about the same price as their non-promo counterparts with art and holo cards worth more than non-art cards.

The first Promo Card produced in July 1999 depicts Pikachu and is numbered 1. This card would be expected to be worth a lot of money but currently sells for around $10.

Birthday Pikachu, produced by Wizards of the Coast in 2001, numbered 24 is worth considerably more at $200.

The most valuable Promo cards are the ones that have not been produced in huge quantities. Those that have been given as prizes at tournaments and World Championships are hard to come by and fetch a good price at auction. 

Championship Arena, given as a prize at the 2005 World Championships has a market value of around $2,000.

Birthday Pikachu Championship Arena

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