Pokémon Stacking Tins Grass, Water, Electric


What are Pokémon Stacking Tins?

Pokémon have announced the release of  a new product line – Pokémon Stacking Tins.

Pokémon Stacking Tins


The first three of these tins released on 25th February 2022, the launch date for the Brilliant Stars expansion set.

They tins are grass, water and electric type. The artwork for the grass type tin shows Decidueye, Eldegoss, Meganium, and Whimsicott, the water type features Wishiwashi, Chewtle, Lapras, and Marill and the electric type displays Electivire, Yamper, Manectric, and Pikachu.

The tins are rectangular in shape with rounded corners and a removable top lid. The tin dimensions have been released and they will measure 12 cm (4.8 inches) x 10 cm (3.9 inches). They are designed to be stacked one on top of the other.

The US recommended retail price is $12.99, while in the UK they are on sale for £13.95. 

What is in the Pokémon Stacking Tins

What is inside the Spring 2022 Grass, Water and Electric Stacking Tins?

Each tin will contain:

3 booster packs – 1 x Vivid Voltage, 1 x Chilling Reign and 1 x Evolving Skies
1 Pokémon coin.

The three tins scheduled for release in February feature Grass type, Water type and Electric type Pokémon. It is reasonable to assume that there will be further releases with featured characters representing the other Pokémon types.



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