Pokémon Brilliant Stars SWSH09 Info

Brilliant Stars SWSH09

Brilliant Stars is to be the ninth expansion set in the Sword and Shield series and will release on February 25th 2022. 

This new set is based on the upcoming Japanese set ‘Star Birth’ , scheduled for release in January 2022.


It has been announced that the set will include 172 cards before secret rares and cards will be numbered ?/172.

The Japanese set Star Birth is known to contain 100 cards before secret rares so we can be reasonably sure that Brilliant Star will also contain cards from another Japanese set. This may be the set ‘VMAX Climax’ which, by its name, indicates the final set containing VMAX cards. 

Brilliant Stars will definitely contain:

20 Pokémon V and 15 full-art Pokémon V
3 Pokémon VMAX
22 Trainer Cards
6 Full art Supporter cards
1 special energy card
And – 4 new Pokémon VSTAR cards 

The pack art for the new set has been released. There are four different designs featuring Shaymin, Arceus, Whimsicott and Charizard. It can be reasonably assumed that these characters will be the four VSTAR Pokémon.

Brilliant Stars Pack Art

Brilliant Stars will introduce a new mechanic to the game – VSTAR. Pokémon evolve to VSTAR from V form and it seems certain that VSTAR will replace VMAX Gigantamax form. 

VSTAR Symbol

Players can use only one VSTAR Power per game, and those who use a VSTAR Power must flip over a VSTAR marker during the battle. In addition VSTAR Pokémon have a high HP and give up 2 prize cards if defeated.

Two of the four English VSTAR cards have been revealed so far. Arceus VSTAR, which bears the card number 123/172 and Charizard VSTAR which is numbered 018/172.

Arceus VSTAR018/172 Charizard VSTAR



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