Pokémon Go Peelable Ditto Card

What is the Pokémon Peelable Ditto Card?

053/078 Peelable Ditto Card
Pokémon have revealed that the July 2022 Pokémon Go expansion set will include a new feature – a peelable Ditto card.

The Pokémon character, Ditto is unique in that it can change its appearance into what it sees, but then returns to normal when it relaxes.

Pokémon has incorporated this unique feature of Ditto into the Trading Card Game. Cards that appear to be other characters will actually be Ditto with a peelable layer on top. 

Unpeeled cards will not be tournament legal but are likely to be highly collectible.

A peelable Ditto Card will be indicated by a small Ditto icon in the bottom left corner of the card where the card regulation mark is normally seen.  

Peelable Ditto Symbol

The Pokémon Company have posted a video on their instagram page showing the top layer being peeled off to reveal a Ditto Card. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdxIc0rDZ7G/  

Peelable Ditto Card



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