Special Delivery Charizard SWSH075

What is Special Delivery Charizard SWSH075?

Special Delivery CharizardSpecial Delivery Charizard is a Black Star Promo Card that was first announced by Pokémon in November 2020. However, since then there has been no sign of the card being released until now, July 2022.

The card is numbered SWSH075 and in sequence follows Special Delivery Pikachu SWSH074. The Pikachu card was released in November 2020 to celebrate the launch of the Pokémon Center in Canada. 

This special card features Charizard wearing a harness that holds two red postal bags to its body. Pikachu, sporting a blue baseball cap is riding on Charizard’s back. The two characters are set against a background of blue with white lines and features that resembles a space age interior.


How To Get Charizard Special Delivery SWSH075?

The impending release of this elusive card was announced on 11th July 2022. Special Delivery Charizard is being released to celebrate the opening of the Pokémon Center UK. 

A special registration page was set up where for three days Pokémon fans in the UK, US and Canada could register their interest in obtaining one of these special cards. After completing and submitting the form participants received the following email.

Special Delivery Charizard email

Having registered, fans now have a 12 week wait (until 3rd October) to find out if they will be lucky enough to receive  a code for Special Delivery Charizard. 

With such a short registration window it is likely that these cards will be in short supply but in high demand and consequently fetch a good price at auction.



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