Pokémon Set Symbols Complete List

With the exception of the first Pokémon Trading Card set which was released in January 1999, all expansion sets have been issued with a unique symbol. This symbol appears at the bottom of all trading cards that form part of that set, usually next to the card number. This symbol is particularly helpful where card sets have the same number of cards and card numbers are duplicated. 

This page offers a complete list of Pokémon set symbols in order from latest to the original set. It includes sets released by McDonald’s and those issued as POP sets. 

Pokémon Set Symbols – Scarlet and Violet Series


Scarlet and Violet 151 SV 151 Symbol
Obsidian Flames Logo Obsidian Flames Symbol
Paldea Evolved SV02 Paldea Evolved set symbol
Scarlet & Violet Logo SV1 EN Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Set Symbols – Sword and Shield Series


Crown Zenith SWSH12.5 Crown Zenith Symbol


Silver Tempest Silver Tempest Symbol
Lost Origin Logo Lost Origin Symbol
McDonald's 2022 McDonald's 2022 Symbol
Pokémon Go TCG Pokémon Go
Astral Radiance Logo Astral Radiance card symbol
Brilliant Stars SWSH09 Brilliant Stars Symbol


Fusion Strike SWSH08 Fusion Strike Symbol
Pokémon Trading Cards expansion sets - Celebrations Celebrations Symbol
Evolving Skies SWSH07 Evolving Skies
Chilling Reign Chilling Reign Symbol
Battle Styles Logo Battle Styles Logo
Shining Fates Logo Shining Fates Logo
McDonalds 2021 McDonalds 2021 Logo


Vivid Voltage Logo Vivid Voltage Symbol
Champion's Path logo Champions Path Symbol
Darkness Ablaze Logo Darkness Ablaze Symbol
Rebel Clash logo Rebel Clash Symbol
Sword and Shield Base Logo Sword and Shield Base Set


Pokémon Set Symbols – Sun and Moon Series


Cosmic Eclipse Logo Cosmic Eclipse Symbol
McDonalds 2019 McDonalds 2019 Symbol
Hidden Fates Hidden Fates Symbol
Unified Minds Grey Unified Minds Symbol
Unbroken Bonds Logo Unbroken Bonds Symbol
Detective Pikachu Logo Detective Pikachu Symbol
Team Up Logo Team Up Set Symbol


Lost Thunder Logo Lost Thunder Symbol
McDonalds 2018 McDonalds 2018 Symbol
Dragon Magesty Dragon Majesty Symbol
Celestial Storm Celestial Storm Symbol
Forbidden Light Logo Forbidden Light Symbol
Ultra Prism Logo Ultra Prism Symbol


McDonalds 2017 McDonald's 2017
Crimson Invasion Logo Crimson Invasion Symbol
Shining Legends Logo Shining Legends
Burning Shadows Logo Burning Shadows Symbol
Guardians Rising Logo Guardians Rising Symbol
Sun and Moon Logo Sun and Moon Symbol


Pokémon Set Symbols – X and Y Series


Evolutions Logo Evolutions Symbol
McDonalds 2016 McDonalds 2016 symbol
Steam Siege Logo Steam Siege Symbol
XY Fates Collide Symbol
XY Generations Card List XY Generations Symbol
XY BREAKPoint Logo Breakpoint Symbol


McDonalds 2015 McDonalds 2015 Symbol
XY Breakthrough Card List
Ancient Origins Logo Ancient Origins Symbol
XY Roaring Skies Card List Roaring Skies Symbol
Double Crisis Card List Double Crisis
XY Primal Clash Primal Clash


Phantom Forces Card List Phantom Forces Symbol
XY Furious Fists Card List Furious Fists symbol
McDonalds 2014 McDonalds 2014
XY Flashfire Card List XY Flashfire Symbol
XY Base Set Card List XY Base Set Card Symbol


Kalos Starter Set Kalos Starter Set Logo


Pokémon Set Symbols – Black and White Series


BW Legendary Treasures Logo Legendary Treasures Symbol
McDonalds 2013 McDonalds 2013
Plasma Blast Logo Plasma Blast Symbol
Plasma Freeze Logo Plasma Freeze Symbol
Plasma Storm Logo Plasma Storm Symbol


Boundaries Crossed Logo Boundaries Crossed Symbol
Dragon Vault Logo Dragon Vault Symbol
Dragons Exalted Dragons Exalted
McDonalds 2012
Dark Explorers BW Dark Explorers Symbol
Next Destinies Next Destinies Symbol


Noble Victories Logo Noble Victories Symbol
BW Emerging Powers Logo Emerging Powers
McDonalds 2011 McDonalds 2011 Symbol
Black and White Base Logo Black and White Base Symbol


Pokémon Set Symbols – HeartGold SoulSilver Series


Call of Legends Logo Call of Legends Symbol


HGSS Triumphant HGSS Triumphant Symbol
HGSS Undaunted Logo HGSS Undaunted Symbol
HeartGold SoulSilver Unleased logo HGSS Unleashed Symbol
HeartGold SoulSilver HGSS Base Symbol


Pokémon Set Symbols – Platinum Series


Pokémon Rumble Logo Pokemon Rumble
Platinum Arceus Logo Platinum Arceus symbol
Platinum Supreme Victors Supreme Victors
Platinum Rising Rivals Rising Rivals
Pokémon POP Series 9 Card List POP Series 9
Platinum Base Set Card List Platinum Base Set Symbol


Pokémon Set Symbols – Diamond & Pearl Series


DP Stormfront Grey Stormfront
POP Series 8 Card List POP Series 8
Legends Awakened Legends Awakened Card Symbol
DP Majestic Dawn Logo Majestic Dawn Symbol
POP Series 7 POP Series 7
DP Great Encounters Great Encounters Symbol


Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders card symbol
POP Series 6 POP Series 6
D P Mysterious Treasures Mysterious Treasures
Diamond and Pearl Logo Diamond and Pearl Symbol

Pokémon Set Symbols – EX Series


POP Series 5 POP Series 5
EX Power Keepers Logo EX Power Keepers Symbol


Dragon Frontiers Logo Dragon Frontiers
EX Crystal Guardians Logo Crystal Guardians symbol
POP Series 4 POP Series 4
Holon Phantoms logo Holon Phantoms Symbol
POP Series 3 POP Series 3
Legend Maker Legend Maker Set Symbol


EX Delta Species EX Delta Species
Unseen Forces Logo Unseen Forces Symbol
POP Series 2 POP Series 2
EX Emerald Logo EX Emerald
EX Deoxys EX Deoxys


Team Rocket Returns Logo Team Rocket Returns Symbol
POP Series 1 Logo POP 1 symbol
EX Fire Red Leaf Green Card List Fire Red Leaf Green Symbol
Hidden Legends EX Hidden Legends Symbol
EX Magma vs Aqua logo EX Magma vs Aqua symbol


EX Dragon Logo EX Dragon Symbol
EX Sandstorm Logo ES Sandstorm symbol
EX Ruby and Sapphire EX Ruby & Sapphire Symbol

Pokémon Set Symbols – Expedition Series


Skyridge set Logo Skyridge Symbol
Aquapolis set logo Aquapolis set symbol


Expedition Base Set Logo Expedition Base Set
Legendary Collection logo Legendary Collection


Pokémon Set Symbols – Neo Series


Neo Destiny Logo Neo Destiny Symbol


Neo Revelation Logo Neo Revelation Symbol
Southern Islands Expansion set Logo Southern Islands Symbol
Neo Discovery Grey bkg Neo Discovery Symbol


Neo Genesis Logo Neo Genesis

Pokémon Set Symbols – Gym Series


Gym Challenge Logo Gym Challenge Symbol
Gym Heroes Logo Gym Heroes

Pokémon Set Symbols – Original Series


Team Rocket Logo Team Rocket Symbol
Pokemon Base Set 2 Base 2 symbol


Fossil Expansion Set Fossil Symbol
Pokémon Jungle set logo Jungle Symbol
Pokemon logo





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