Complete List of Illustration Rare Cards & Gallery

Pokémon Illustration Rare Cards were first introduced with the launch of the Scarlet and Violet Base Set on 31st March 2023. They are full art cards that bear a single gold star as their rarity symbol. The artwork on these cards is similar to that of the Sword and Shield Trainer Gallery cards of 2022 and depict Pokémon in a ‘real-World’ settings.

Detailed below is a complete list of Illustration Rare Cards grouped by expansion set and followed by an image gallery.

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Complete List of Special Illustration Rare Cards


Complete List of Pokémon Illustration Rare Cards
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Complete List of Illustration Rare Cards
199/198   Tarountula  H
200/198   Dolliv  H
201/198   Toedscool  H
202/198   Scovillain  H
203/198   Armarouge  H
204/198   Slowpoke  H
205/198   Clauncher  H
206/198   Wiglett  H
207/198   Dondozo  H
208/198   Pachirisu  H
209/198   Pawmot  H
210/198   Drowzee  H
211/198   Ralts  H
212/198   Kirlia  H
213/198   Fidough  H
214/198   Greavard  H
215/198   Ralts  H
216/198   Sandile  H
217/198   Klawf  H
218/198   Mabosstiff  H
219/198   Bombirdier  H
220/198   Kingambit  H
221/198   Starly  H
222/198   Skwovet  H

Illustration Rare Cards Gallery

(Additional cards will be added as they are revealed)

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200/198 Dolliv
207/198 Dondozo
213/198 Fidough
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