Top 10 Cute Pokémon

What are the top 10 Cute Pokémon?

Cute is defined as being endearing, having that charming quality that makes people go ‘aaahhh!’ This quality can be applied to many Pokémon and most fans have their favourites. Listed below are our choice for the top 10 Cute Pokémon displayed in unique settings. 



Pokédex 385

Jirachi Cute Pokémon

Jirachi is a Generation III Steel / Psychic Pokémon. Its big eyes and sad face earn this character our number 10 spot. Jirachi is depicted resting in a local fairy garden.


Pokédex 039

Jigglypuff cute pokémon

Jigglypuff is a Generation I Pokémon that is round with big blue eyes and is depicted blocking the footpath on a frosty winter morning. It has the ability Cute Charm making it an obvious choice for the top 10 Cute Pokémon list.


Pokédex 004

Charmander cute Pokemon

Charmander has such a cheeky grin it had to be included on our list. A Generation I Pokémon, Charmander is depicted in a cave with home made furniture.


Pokédex 216

Teddiursa, cute pokemon

Teddiursa stands ankle deep in the river shushing passers by so as not to disturb the heron. This Generation II Pokémon is the cutest Teddy Bear Pokémon and could not be left off the list.


Pokédex 007

Squirtle Cute Pokémon

Squirtle is a fan-favourite and the cutest turtle Pokémon. This Generation I Pokémon is a Water Type Pokémon so it is no surprise to find it enjoying a garden water feature.


Pokédex 572

Minccino Cute Pokémon

This Generation V Pokémon is based on a chinchilla and its big eyes, ears and tail add to its cuteness. Minccino is shown standing by a fishing jetty at a nearby lake and is completely deserving of a place on our Top 10 Cute Pokémon.


Pokédex 653

Fennekin cute pokemon

Fennekin is another endearing Pokémon character. Based on a Fennec Fox, this cute Pokemon was seen taking a morning stroll around the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. 


Pokédex 393

Piplup cute Pokémon

Piplup is a Generation III Pokemon based on a cute baby penguin. Its no surprise to find this Water Type character about to take a boat ride across the lake.


Pokédex 133

Eevee cute Pokémon

Eevee is a very popular and well-loved cute character. A Generation I Pokémon, there is much dispute over whether it is a fox, rabbit or dog or combination of all three. Eevee’s cute expression and big eyes together with its unique cry make it a favourite for our list.


Pokédex 025

Pikachu top 10 cute pokémon

Pikachu is arguably the most popular Pokémon character and the epitome of cuteness. This Generation I Pokémon is seen here jumping across a field of sunflowers. Pikachu’s beady black eyes, red cheeks and cheeky grin as well as its ‘Pikachu’ cry earns it the top spot on our Top 10 Cute Pokémon list.


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