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The Astral Radiance expansion set contains a total of 216 cards including 27 Secret Rare cards. A further 30 cards form a Trainer Gallery subset. 

This article takes a look at the cards most likely to be the Astral Radiance Chase Cards.

What are Chase Cards?

Chase cards are rare cards that have a 1/100 or less chance of being inside a booster pack. They are often one of the ultra rare or secret rare cards from an expansion set. If there is a full art Charizard in a set it is highly likely to be a Chase card but in sets without a Charizard card it is more a case of the cards that hold the most appeal due to their artwork, their rarity or their value.

There are no Charizard Cards in the Astral Radiance set.


Our Top 5 Astral Radiance Chase Cards


Top of the list is Origin Forme Palkia V numbered 167/189. The card depicts Origin Forme Palkia standing on a chequered platform in a Escher-style building. It is currently selling pre-release for £140 on Ebay UK and $140 on

167/189 Origin Palkia V


Second place goes to the secret gold rare Origin Forme Palkia V card 208/189. Palkia is one of the set mascots for Astral Radiance and it is no surprise it is in popular demand and takes the top two places. The week before set release it is available on Ebay UK for around £120 and on for $130.

208/189 Origin Forme Palkia



Third on our list is the alternate art, ultra rare Hisuian Lilligant V. The artwork for this card is very nice and features Lilligant in Hisuian forme under a tree set in an icy landscape. Ten days prior to release the card is selling on Ebay UK for around £100 and on for around $60. 

163/189 Hisuian Lilligant



Our fourth place spot goes to the other set mascot for Astral Radiance. Origin Forme Dialga V alternate art, ultra rare card 167/189. This card features a shadowy Dialga high above the clouds. Ten days before set release it is selling on Ebay UK for £95 and for $105.

177/189 Origin Forme Dialga



Our fifth spot goes to Beedrill V, another alternate art ultra rare card, 161/189. The artwork for this card is very detailed and shows a swarm of Beedrills flying over a huge field of flowers . One week before set release this card is selling on Ebay UK for £85 and for $83.

161-189 Beedrill V




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