Battle Styles Booster Box Pull Rate

Battle Styles is the 5th expansion set in the Pokémon Sword and Shield series. It was released on 19th March and had sold out on pre-release in many stores. The release of some products was delayed due to a range of issues including increased demand, Covid-19, and bad weather in the United States.


Battle Styles Booster Box Pull RateNew booster boxes are sealed a with clear film covering which has the Pokémon logo imprinted in white. This covering ensures that the box has not been tampered with.

Each booster box contains 36 sealed booster packs.

The booster packs for this set have four different artworks –

Tyranitar, Urshifu Blue, Urshifu Red and Empoleon.

How good is the Battle Styles Booster Box Pull Rate?

The term ‘pull rate’ refers to the numbers of holo, rare, half art, and full art (including ultra and secret rare) that are found in booster boxes. The higher the numbers of these cards, the better the pull rate.

Booster packs containing one of these cards generally contain a white online code card. Other code cards are green.

Battle Styles Booster Packs

We opened a single booster box which contained 9 of each artwork. We logged the results by artwork and also as a total:

From the 9 Tyranitar artwork packs we pulled a Single Strike Urshifu VMAX 086/163, a Single Strike Urshifu V 085/163 and two holo cards – Cherrim 008/163 and Kingdra 033/163. 
A pull rate of 4/9 or 45%.

Next we opened the Urshifu Blue artwork packs. From these packs we pulled a Tyranitar V 097/163, a Mimikyu V 062/163 and Aegislash Holo 107/163.
A pull rate of 3/9 or 33%.

The Urshifu Red artwork packs revealed a Tapu Koko VMAX 051/163 and three Holo cards – Luxray 048/163, Steelix 099/163 and Cherrim 008/163.
A 4/9 or 45% pull rate.

Finally we opened the 9 packs with Empoleon artwork. From these packs we pulled two Ultra rare full art cards – Flapple V 143/163 and Corviknight 156/163, one half art card, Corviknight V 109/163 and a holo Octillery 037/163.
A pull rate of 4/9 or 45%.

Overall, from the 36 booster packs we opened we pulled 2 VMAX full art cards, 2 ultra rare full art cards, 4 V half art cards and  7 holo cards.

Battle Styles Booster Box Contents

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