Brilliant Stars Single, Rapid, Fusion Strike Cards


The Brilliant Stars expansion set, was released on February 25th 2022. The set continued the new  Single Strike, Rapid Strike and Fusion Strike mechanics. Single and Rapid Strike were introduced in March 2021 with the release of Battle Styles and Fusion Strike was introduced with the Fusion Strike expansion in November 2021.


Single Strike label

Strike Single strike style cards are distinguished by a red Single Strike label at the top of the card. These cards are all about strength and power and allow the player to make a single, powerful attack which may be strong enough to knock out your opponent.


Brilliant Stars: Single Strike Cards:

TG10/TG30   SS Houndoom with Grimsley
TG18/TG30   SS Urshifu V with Gloria  ★H
TG19/TG30   SS Urshifu VMAX with Gloria  ★H
TG22/TG30   SS Umbreon V with Karen  ★H
TG23/TG30   SS Umbreon VMAX with Karen  ★H
TG27/TG30   SS Mustard
TG28/TG30   SS Mustard
TG29/TG30   SS Urshifu VMAX


Rapid Strike

Fusion Strike Rapid strike cards have a blue label at the top of the card. Rapid strike cards focus on technique and precision with the ability to make multiple strikes and/or switching Pokémon during battle.

Brilliant Stars Rapid Strike Cards:

TG03/TG30   RS Octillery with Fisher  ★H
TG14/TG30   RS Sylveon V with Valerie  ★H
TG15/TG30   RS Sylveon VMAX with Valerie  ★H
TG20/TG30   RS Urshifu V with Mustard  ★H
TG21/TG30   RS Urshifu VMAX with Mustard  ★H
TG30/TG30   RS Urshifu VMAX


Fusion Strike Cards

Fusion Strike cards have a pink/purple label at the top of the card. Fusion strike cards merge the powers of Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles.

Brilliant Stars Fusion Strike Cards:

044/172   FS Eiscue  ★