Celebrations Chase Cards

This article takes a look at the cards most likely to be the Celebrations Chase Cards.

What are Chase Cards?

Chase cards are rare cards often with a 1/100 or less chance of being inside a booster pack. They are often one of the ultra rare or secret rare cards from an expansion set. If there is a full art Charizard in a set it is highly likely to be a Chase card but in sets without a Charizard card it is more a case of the cards that hold the most appeal due to their artwork, their rarity or their value.

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The highly anticipated Celebrations 25th Anniversary celebration set was released on Friday 8th October.  The set contains a total of 50 cards – a main set of 25 cards which are tournament legal and a classic collection subset of 25 cards which are not tournament legal. 

The classic collection cards are all remakes of old favourites and four of our top five Celebrations chase cards are taken from this set. 

The Celebrations booster packs differ from regular booster packs in that they only contain 4 cards rather than the usual 10. There are no non-holo cards in the packs, all cards are holo cards or art cards. The cards from the main set, with the exception of Gold Mew, are relatively easy to pull. Cards from the classic collection and Gold Mew are much rarer.


Our Top 4 Celebrations Chase Cards


Top of the list is Base Set Charizard 4/102 from the classic collection, a remake of the original Charizard card released in 1999. It is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £100 and on Ebay.com for around $145. Charizard is a fan-favourite Pokémon and this card is highly sought after by collectors and investors.

Base Set Charizard Celebrations remake



Next is another card from the classic collection, Umbreon Gold Star 17/17. Umbreon is a popular Eeveelution and the gold star version first appeared in the POP Series 5 set. It is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £65 and on Ebay.com for $85.

Umbreon Gold Star Celebrations



Following close behind is the only card from the main set, Gold Mew. From the moment this card was announced  it was clear that it would be one of the Celebrations chase cards. Mew is a legendary Pokémon that is said to contain every strand of Pokémon DNA. This means it is able to mimic other Pokémon, an ability which makes if a Pokémon favourite. It is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £60 and on Ebay.com for around $80.

Gold Mew, Celebrations



Our final Celebrations Chase card is Shining Magikarp 66/64. This card was first seen in the Neo Revelation expansion set which was released in September 2001 and was one of the two secret rare cards of the set. Shiny Pokémon are always popular and Magikarp is no exception. It is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £27 and on Ebay.com for $

Shining Magikarp Celebrations


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