What is the Fusion Strike Pull Rate?

One of the most important metrics for a new expansion set is the pull rate – the ratio of packs that have rare cards to those that don’t. Sets that have a good pull rate tend to be more popular than those with a low pull rate. We were interested to find out the Fusion Strike pull rate. 

Fusion Strike products were heavily allocated on release day and we only received one of the booster boxes we ordered. Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead and analyse the Fusion Strike pull rate of that box. 


What is in the Fusion Strike Booster Box?

Fusion Strike Pull rateFusion Strike is the 8th main expansion set in the Pokémon Sword and Shield series.

The set was released on 12th November with a presale price of around £120 ($160) and most stockists had sold out on pre-release.

New booster boxes are sealed a with clear film covering which has the Pokémon logo imprinted in white.

Each booster box contains 36 sealed booster packs. The booster packs for this set have four different artworks – Boltund, Genesect, Gengar and Mew.


How good is the Fusion Strike pull rate?

The term ‘pull rate’ refers to the numbers of holo, half art, and full art (including ultra and secret rare) that are found in booster boxes. The higher the numbers of these cards, the better the pull rate.

Booster packs containing one of these cards include an online code card with a black border. Other code cards have a white border.

In addition to logging the overall Fusion Strike pull rate we also logged the pull rate for each pack art design.

Fusion Strike Pack Art

Results by Pack Art

Our booster box contained:

10 packs with Gengar, 9 packs with Boltund art, 9 with Genesect and 8 packs featuring Mew.

Celebi V Alternate Art card - Fusion Strike Pull RateGengar Artwork

Our 10 packs featuring Gengar included 3 that had code cards with a white border and no holo or art cards. 

From the other 7 packs we pulled:

Butterfree Holo Rare 003/264

Landorus Holo Rare 148/264

Breloom V 006/264

Pikachu V 086/264

2 x Genesect V 185/264

Celebi V (alternate art) 245/264

This represents a pull rate of 70%


Genesect Artwork

Out of our 9 packs featuring Genesect 6 packs had code cards with a white border and no holo or art cards. 

From the remaining 3 packs we pulled:

Butterfree holo rare 003/264

Gengar V 156/264

Chili & Cilan & Cress Rainbow Rare 273/264

This represents a pull rate of 33%

Rillaboom VMAX 023/264


Boltund Artwork

Out of our 9 packs, 5 packs contained online code cards with a white border and no holo or art cards.

From the other 4 packs we pulled:

Landorus Holo Rare 148/264

Butterfree Holo Rare 003/264

Tsareena V 021/264

Rillaboom VMAX 023/264

This represents a pull rate of 44%


Mew Artwork

Our 8 packs featuring Mew included 5 that had code cards with a white border and no holo or art cards.

From the other 3 packs we pulled:

Swampert holo rare 064/264

Melmetal holo rare 189/264

Schoolgirl full art Ultra Rare 262/264

This represents a pull rate of 37.5%



From our 36 booster packs we pulled 7 holo rare cards, 6 half art V cards, 1 full art VMAX card, 2 full art ultra rare cards and 1 secret rainbow rare. This represents a Fusion Strike pull rate of 47%.

If the holo rare cards are removed from the calculation the pull rate falls to 27%

The results analysed by pack art showed that packs with Gengar artwork had the better pull rate.

However, it should be remembered that the results posted here were taken from a single booster box. If the sample were larger with more booster boxes being analysed, the result could be different. 



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