Glaceon VSTAR Collection Box


What is the Glaceon VSTAR Collection Box?

Glaceon VSTAR Collection BoxThe Glaceon VSTAR Collection Box is one of two special collection boxes that released on 28th January 2022. 

The two boxes feature the generation IV Eeveelutions – Glaceon or  Leafeon. They are the first Pokémon products to feature the new VSTAR form. 

VSTAR is a new mechanic that can be used once per game. V Pokémon can evolve into VSTAR form.

Glaceon is a ice-type Pokémon. Blue and white feature heavily in the artwork of the box. The box also has gold accents which mirror the colour of the VSTAR logo. 

The box dimensions have not yet been released but they will probably be similar to the V and VMAX collection boxes of the Sword and Shield series and measure around 30 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm (12″ x 8″ x 1″)

The box is priced at around £28 in the UK and around $30 in the United States.


What is in the Glaceon VSTAR Collection Box?

The contents of the box have been released.

Inside the UK box there is:

A Glaceon V Promo card SWSH196

a Glaceon VSTAR Promo card SWSH197

a jumbo sized Glaceon VSTAR Promo card SWSH197

4 Booster Packs –   2 Fusion Strike and 2 Evolving Skies.

a VSTAR marker

a code card for the online game

Glaceon V and Glaceon VSTAR



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