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Impidimp Pokédex Information

Impidimp is a Dark / Fairy type Pokémon that first appeared in the games Pokémon Red and Blue which were released in Japan in September 1998. It evolves to Morgrem which evolves to Grimmsnarl.

Impidimp is a two-legged male only Pokémon that is likely based on an imp. It is predominantly pink in colour with purple markings on its stomach and around its eyes. Its head is disproportionally large in comparison with its body and two large crescent-shaped ears protrude from its head. The reason this Pokémon causes trouble for those it feels close to is because Impidimp itself gets irritable if it can’t absorb negative emotions.



Impidimp Pokédex Facts
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Impidimp Pokédex Facts

Impidimp Pokédex

English Name – Impidimp
Japanese Name – Berobā
First Appearance – 2020 (Pokémon Sword and Shield)
Generation – VIII
Based on – Imp
Pokédex Number – 0859
Category – Wily
Height – 0.4 m
Weight – 5.5 kg
Gender – Male 
Primary Type – Dark
Secondary Type – Fairy
Weakness – Fairy, Poison, Steel
Special Abilities – Frisk, Prankster


Impidimp Evolutions

EvolutionsImpidimp evolves to Morgrem (level 32 ), evolves to Grimmsnarl (level 42)

Impidimp EvolutionImpidimp Evolution Arrow Morgrem PokémonMorgrem
Evolution Arrow Grimmsnarl PokémonGrimmsnarl


Impidimp Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Sword and Shield 2020
Scarlet and Violet 2022


Impidimp Card List – (scroll to bottom for gallery view)

SWSH Rebel Clash 2020
123/192 ImpidimpStage – Basic
HP – 70
Speciality – None
Card Numbers – 123/192

SWSH Shining Fates 2021
SV083/SV122 ImpidimpStage – Basic
HP – 70
Speciality – None
Card Numbers – SV083/SV122

SWSH Fusion Strike 2021
176/264 ImpidimpStage – Basic
HP – 70
Speciality – None
Form – Single Strike
Card Numbers – 176/264


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123/192 Impidimp
SV083/SV122 Impidimp
176/264 Impidimp
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