Lost Zone Cards in Lost Origin

This page details the Lost Zone Cards in Lost Origin.


The Lost Origin expansion set, was released on September 9th 2022. The set saw the return of the Lost Zone to the Trading Card Game. In total there are 26 cards that have moves that utilise or feature the Lost Zone.

With the exception of Ultra Rare and Alternate Art cards, Lost Zone cards in Lost Origin can be identified by swirls of green, pink and purple around the art part of the card.

Lost Zone Cards in Lost Origin


Lost Zone Cards in Lost Origin:

013/196   Shiftry  ★H
022/196   Magcargo 
027/196   Delphox V  ★H
050/196   Cramorant 
058/196   Rotom V  ★H
070/196   Sableye  ★H
073/196   Banette 
079/196   Comfey 
093/196   Aerodactyl VSTAR  ★H
107/196   Barbarcle  ★H
115/196   Stonjourner 
130/196   Giratina V  ★H
131/196   Giratina VSTAR  ★H
141/196   Porygon2 
148/196   Bouffalant 
155/196   Colress’s Experiment 
157/196   Fantina 
161/196   Lost City 
162/196   Lost Vacuum 
163/196   Mirage Gate 
173/196   Delphox V  ★H
176/196   Rotom V  ★H
177/196   Rotom V  ★H
185/196   Giratina V  ★H
186/196   Giratina V  ★H
190/196   Colress’s Experiment 
191/196   Fantina  ★H
199/196   Aerodactyl VSTAR  ★H
201/196   Giratina VSTAR  ★H
205/196   Colress’s Experiment  ★H
206/196   Fantina  ★H
212/196   Giratina VSTAR  ★H
217/196   Lost Vacuum  ★H



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