Pokémon 2023 World Championship Decks Release Date & Info


What are the 2023 World Championship Decks?

The 2023 World Championship Decks are a set of four Trading Card decks containing cards that were used during the 2023 World Championships held in Tokyo, Japan. Each deck contains a replica of the cards used by the Masters Winner, the Masters Runner Up, the Senior Winner and the Junior Winner. 


What is in the 2023 World Championship Decks?

All four 2023 World Championship Decks release on 1st March 2024 with a recommended retail price of £14.99 / $14.99. 

Pokémon 2023 World Championship decks

The contents of the 2023 World Championship Decks have been released:

Each box will contain:

A 60-card World Championships Deck (see below for card lists of each box)
2023 World Championships booklet
Special 2023 World Championships pin
2023 World Championships coin
2023 World Championships deck box
A playmat and poster
A code card for Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

The cards included in the 2023 World Championship Decks are not tournament legal. The backs of the cards are printed with special artwork to distinguish them from regular cards. 


What Cards make up each box?


Masters Winner – Vance Kelley’s Mew’s Revenge deck

Vance Kelley Deck

The text on the back of the box reads ‘Let’s set the scene for one of the greatest Pokémon Trading Card Game Championships battles of all time: underdog Vance Kelley is up against a legend of the game, the match is tied at one win each, and the clock has just run out. The speed, aggression, and sheer disruptive power of the mew VMAX deck archetype has been popular for a reason, and it led Vance to victory. At the deck’s heart is the powerful engine provided by Genesect V’s Fusion Strike System Ability and plenty of Energy acceleration from Elesa’s Sparkle which together allow players to attack like only a Champion can – early, often, and with a vengeance.’

The cards in Vance Kelley’s deck

13 Pokémon Cards
3 x Mew VMAX
4 x Mew V
4 x Genesect V
1 x Meloetta
1 x Oricorio

40 Trainer Cards
2 x Boss’s Orders
2 x Elesa’s Sparkle
1 x Iono
1 x Judge
2 x Lost city
1 x Crystal Cave
1 x Path to the Peak
4 x Battle VIP Pass
4 x Cram-o-matic
4 x Power Tablet
4 x Ultra Ball
2 x Lost Vacuum
2 x Nest Ball
2 x Switch Cart
1 x Escape Rope
1 x Pal Pad
3 x Forest Seal Stone
2 x Choice Belt
1 x Box of Disaster

7 Energy Cards
4 x Fusion Strike Energy
3 x Double Turbo Energy


Masters Runner Up – Tord Reklev’s Psychic Elegance

Tord Reklev World Championship Deck

The text on the back of the box reads ‘Pokémon TCG legend Tord Reklev’s masterful touch is apparent throughout his Psychic Elegance deck – its pieces build upon each other to form a powerhouse engine. From the early game to the late, support is provided by synergistic card combinations. In this skillful strategy, Kirlia is more than a means to an end – its Refinement Ability forms the deck’s backbone, as it helps Gardevoir ex accelerate extra Energy through discarding, and ultimately, take control of the game. With a little help from comeback kid Iono, opponents can watch their strategies suddenly dissolve in Gardevoir’s embrace.’

The Cards in Tord Reklev’s Psychic Elegance Deck

18 Pokémon Cards
2 x Gardevoir ex
2 x Gardevoir
3 x Kirlia (Refinement)
1 x Kirlia (Mirage Step)
3 x Ralts (Teleportation Burst)
1 x Ralts (Memory Skip)
1 x Cresselia
1 x Lumineon V
1 x Radiant Greninja
1 x Zacian V
1 x Mew
1 x Manaphy

30 Trainer Cards
3 x Iono
2 x Boss’s Orders
2 x Professor’s Research
1 x Artazon
1 x Collapsed Stadium
4 x Battle VIP Pass
4 x Level Ball
3 x Rare Candy
3 x Ultra Ball
2 x Fog Crystal
2 x Super Rod
1 x Lost Vacuum
1 x Pal Pald
1 x Forest Seal Stone

12 Energy Cards
10 x Basic Psychic Energy
2 x Reversal Energy


Senior Winner – Gabriel Fernandez’s Colorless Lugia deck

Gabriel Fernandez's World Championship Deck

The text on the back of the box reads ‘Gabriel Fernandez soared to great heights in Yokohama, all the way to an impressive World Championships victory. Fast, resilient, and hard-hitting, his colorless Lugia deck delivered on synergy and Energy acceleration. The Lugia VSTAR and Archeops dream team at its center has become a major part of the metagame for a reason – Lugia VSTAR pulls Archeops directly onto the Bench and Archeops returns the favor by immediately powering the Legendary Pokémon up for battle. Combine this with Double Turbo Energy to quickly swoop in with a devastating Tempest Dive attack, and get ready to summon the Prize cards!’

The Cards in Gabriel Fernandez’s Colorless Lugia Deck

20 Pokémon Cards
3 x Lugia VSTAR
4 x Lugia V
4 x Archeops
2 x Lumineon V
2 x Snorlax
1 x Drapion V
1 x Slaking V
1 x Radiant Tsareena
1 x Wyrdeer V
1 x Pumpkaboo

26 Trainer Cards
3 x Boss’s Orders
3 x Iono
3 x Professor’s Research
1 x Professor Burnet
2 x Collapsed Stadium
2 x Path to the Peak
4 x Capturing Aroma
4 x Ultra Ball
2 x Nest Ball
2 x Choice Belt

14 Energy Cards
4 x Double Turbo Energy
4 x Jet Energy
2 x Gift Energy
2 x Therapeutic Energy
2 x V-Guard Energy


Junior Winner – Shao Tong Yen’s Lost Box Kyogre deck

Shao Tong Yen's World Championship Deck

The text on the back of the box reads ‘In the hands of Champion Shao Tong Yen, this clever Lost Box Kyogre deck washed away the competition in Yokohama. While it hinges on a strategy fit for a Pokémon TCG Champion – an awful lot of cards have to be in the Lost Zone in order to ‘turn on’ this deck’s biggest rewards – those rewards are well worth the challenge. Comfey’s Flower Selecting Ability and Colress’s Experiment are more than capable of quickly stocking the Lost Zone. And if the cards fall right, players can piece together Shao tong’s epic Kyogre combo for the win!’

The Cards in Shao Tong Yen’s Lost Box Kyogre deck

12 Pokémon Cards
4 x Comfey
2 x Sableye
1 x Kyogre
1 x Dragonite V
1 x Cramorant
1 x Radiant Greninja
1 x Raikou V
1 x Manaphy

37 Trainer Cards
4 x Colress’s Experiment
1 x Klara
2 x Poké Stop
4 x Battle VIP Pass
4 x Escape Rope
4 x Mirage Gate
4 x Switch Cart
3 x Nest Ball
2 x Energy Recycler
2 x Lost Vacuum
2 x Super Rod
1 x Echoing Horn
1 x Hisuian Heavy Ball
1 x Pal pad
2 x Forest Seal Stone

11 Energy Cards
5 x Basic Water energy
3 x Basic Lightning Energy
3 x Basic Psychic Energy



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