Pokémon Collector Bundle Spring 2022


What is the Pokémon Collector Bundle?

Pokémon Collector Bundle 2022The Pokémon Collector Bundle is a new product that is scheduled for release on 25th March 2022 one month after the release of the Brilliant Stars expansion set

Previous collector sets have been packaged in a lunch box style tin and called Collector Chests. This new Pokémon Collector Bundle is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box instead. Like the collector chests, it has a handle so that it can be carried around. 

The box dimensions have not been released but we are guessing they will be similar to the dimensions of an Elite Trainer Box. It will likely be shrink wrapped for protection.

The suggested price for the box is $29.99. 

The artwork for the box features Arceus, the mascot Pokémon for the Brilliant Stars set. Arceus radiates a golden glow echoing the gold of the new VSTAR metric and is surrounded by gold flashes set against a forest green background. 


What is in the Pokémon Collector Bundle Spring 2022?

The Pokémon Collector Bundle Spring 2022 box is placed inside a thin cardboard holder which shows an image of some of the contents of the bundle. However, underneath that image is a disclaimer ‘contents may vary’ so the actual contents may differ from those shown. 

The released information states the contents to be:

3 mirror glaze holo Promo Cards featuring the starter Pokémon for the 2022 game Legends ArceusRowlet SWSH220, Cyndaquil SWSH221 and Oshawott SWSH222 
4 sheets of stickers
A Pokémon notepad
A Pokémon coin
A code card for the online game
7 Pokémon Booster Packs

The booster packs shown on the Pokémon Collector Bundle Spring 2022 artwork are:

2 x Brilliant Stars
1 x Fusion Strike
1 x Evolving Skies
3 x Battle Styles  (in the boxes we have seen the Battle Styles packs have been replaced with 3 Vivid Voltage)

Pokémon Collector Bundle Spring 2022 Contents




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