Pokémon McDonald’s Collection 2014


McDonalds 2014

The Pokémon McDonald’s Collection 2014 was launched on 23rd May 2014 in United States.

McDonald’s has produced a yearly set of promo cards since 2011 and this is the fourth set.

Available exclusively in McDonald’s Happy Meals, this set contains 12 cards – all reprints of cards from the XY series and the Kalos Starter Set

All cards are numbered ?/12

Cards are marked with the set symbol –
McDonalds 2014

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Complete McDonald’s Collection 2014 Card List


1/12   Weedle
2/12   Chespin
3/12   Fennekin
4/12   Froakie
5/12   Pikachu
6/12   Inkay

7/12   Honedge
8/12   Snubbull
9/12   Swirlix
10/12   Bunnelby
11/12   Fletchling
12/12   Furfrou

Printable McDonald’s Collection 2014 Card List