Pokémon Paradox Destinies Tins Release Date & Info


What are the Paradox Destinies Tins?

The Paradox Destinies tins are a set of four Pokémon collection tins that are scheduled to release on 6th September 2024. The tins are the fourth set of collection tins to be released in the Scarlet and Violet series, the first set, Paldea Legends, released on 9th June 2023, the second, Paldea Partners on 1st September 2023 and the third Paldean Fates on 9th February 2024.  


Pokémon Paradox Destinies Tins

The four tins feature Iron Crown ex, Iron Boulder ex, Raging Bolt ex and Gouging Fire ex. The artwork for the top right of each tin depicts the featured Pokémon against a grey and white swirling stripes, while the top left of the uses the colours of the Pokémon type. The two ancient Pokémon and the two future Pokémon have a similar designs. 

The Paradox Destinies tins are expected to retail for $26.99 in the US.


What is inside the Paradox Destinies Tins?

The contents of the tins are similar to previous collection tins:

Each tin will contain a Scarlet and Violet Promo card –  SVP144 Gouging Fire ex, SVP145 Raging Bolt ex, SVP146 Iron Crown ex or SVP147 Iron Boulder ex.

A code card for the online game

5  Pokémon booster packs 


Are the Paradox Destinies Tins good value for money?

Each tin contains 5 Pokémon Booster packs, a Promo Card and a code card for the online game.

Individual booster packs are generally available for purchase on selling sites for around $4. The Promo Cards are half-art ex cards that may fetch around $3 – $5 on auction sites.  

Five Booster packs would therefore cost $20 in the US while the Promo card could cost up to $5. 

This assessment of the value of the tins indicates that the tins do not offer value for money. They are most likely to appeal to those who collect the tins or fans of the featured Pokémon.



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