Pokémon Presents February 2023


Pokémon Presents is the means by which the Pokémon Company announce upcoming events and product releases. Pokémon Presents February 2023 was broadcast on the company’s official YouTube Channel. 

The Pokémon Presents February 2023, introduced:

The venue for the 2023 World Championships
Pokémon TCG Classic
Pokémon Concierge
Pokémon Unite Update
Pokémon Café Remix Update
Pokémon EX Masters Update
Pokémon Sleep
Pokémon Go + Plus
Scarlet and Violet Update
Hidden Treasure of Area Zero


2023 World Championships

Pokémon Presents February 2023 Yokohama 2023

The 2023 World Championships is to be held in Japan for the first time. The event will take place from 11th to 13th August 2023 at the Pacifico in Yokohama. The organisers are hoping that numbers attending will exceed the 10,000 trainers that attended the 2022 World Championships which were held in London. 

Players will be able to compete in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Pokémon Unite and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Pokémon Presents February 2023 – Pokémon TCG Classic

Pokémon TCG Classic

A short video sequence showing two player playing the Pokémon TCG was used to introduce a new product – Pokémon TCG Classic. This will be a premium TCG set designed to last a lifetime and a first look at the finished product will be shown at the World Championships in August 2023.


Pokémon Presents February 2023 – Pokémon Concierge

Pokémon Presents February 2023 Pokémon Concierge

Pokémon Concierge is a new animated series which will be produced in a collaboration between Pokémon and Netflix. The story takes place at the Pokémon Resort where Pokémon can check in and stay as guests. The concierge at the resort, Haru, is the main character. is named Haru.

The storylines will feature original stories from Japan developed for an international audience.


Pokémon Unite Update

Zacian in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite, the five on five strategic team battle game has seen 100 million total downloads since its launch in July 2021. Over the following 19 months more and more Pokémon have been added giving players a greater choice and range of attack moves.

Legendary Pokémon Zacian is now set to join the game with its Sovereign Sword attack. Players can obtain a license for Zacian by participating and completing missions in Zacian’s Weald Event. 

To celebrate Pokémon Day a unique gift code is available in Pokémon Unite that will give players a gold Zacian Boost Emblem.


Pokémon Café Remix Update

Pokémon Café Remix

Paldea starter pokémon – Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly are joining the game. There will also be a new Paldea dish. As part of the Pokémon Day 2023 celebrations, the Greninja Great Chef outfit will be available until 17th March. Players will also be able to deliver to an array of five-star chefs from the past.


Pokémon Presents February 2023 – Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX 3.5 year anniversary

To celebrate the 3.5 anniversary of the launch of Pokémon Masters EX, there is a special in-game rally where you can team up with Champions from the past including the Galar Regions neo trainers – Hop and Zapdos, Bede and Articuno, Marnie and Moltres and Leon and Charizard.

Log in to the game to scout up to 100 sync pairs at no cost with a 10-Pair Ticket Scout at no cost, every day.

Also, players can receive a present of 3,000 gems starting February 27th 2023.


Pokémon Presents February 2023 – Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep is set to be released in Summer 2023. It is a game ‘designed to make players look forward to waking up in the morning’.

The adventure takes place on a small island where you can find Snorlax and Professor Neroli who is a researcher of Pokémon sleep.

The game is played by getting a good night’s sleep. By placing your phone by your bed, the Pokémon Sleep App measures your sleep, records and analyses it. Pokémon that adopt the same sleep pattern as you will then gather around Snorlax. Different sleep styles such as dozing, snoozing or slumbering relate to different Pokémon. Through analysis of your different sleep styles, more Pokémon will gather around Snorlax. 

The aim of the game is to collect all types of Pokémon.


Pokémon Go + Plus

Pokémon Go Plus Plus

Pokémon Go + Plus is a new device that is  expected to be available to purchase on 21st July 2023.

The Pokémon Go + Plus device can be used with Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go. Shaped like a flattened Poké Ball, users simply press the button when going to sleep and press again when waking up. This links to the Sleep App that is measuring your sleep data. The device contains a Pikachu that can talk to you and even sing you to sleep with its special lullaby.

Pokémon Go + Plus can also be linked to Pokémon Go which will unlock special research options and allow you to encounter a Snorlax wearing a nightcap. Players can take the connected device out and about to automatically spin Pokéstops and throw Pokéballs at wild Pokémon.

The company expect new functions will be added in the future.


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Update

Paradox Pokemon Iron Leaves and Walking Wake

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sees the addition of two new Paradox Pokémon. Walking Wake,  a Water/Dragon type will be unique to Scarlet while Iron Leaves, a Grass/Psychic type will feature in Pokémon Violet. These new Pokémon can be caught by emerging victorious in new Tera Raid battles available from 27th February.

The ability to connect Scarlet and Violet with Pokémon Go is on the horizon. Players will soon be able to receive gifts and postcards from friends or by visiting Pokéstops around the world. It will be possible to send these postcards to your Scarlet or Violet game and the pattern of Vivillon found there will change depending on the postcard sent. Players that receive postcards will also be able to collect roaming form Gimmighoul and collecting 999 Gimmighoul coins will see Gimmighoul evolve into Goldengo.


Pokémon Presents February 2023 – Hidden Treasures of Area Zero

Hidden Treasures of Area Zero

New downloadable content (DLC) is coming to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in Autumn 2023. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will expand Scarlet and Violet beyond the Paldea Region. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be released in two parts:

Part 1 – The Teal Mask will be available in autumn 2023. It will see students embark on a school trip to the land of Kitakami, which lies outside the Paldea region.

Part 2 – The Indigo Disk will be available in winter 2023 and will see students enrol to study at the Blueberry Academy.

While playing the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero players can expect to encounter familiar Pokémon that were not seen in Paldea as well as new Pokémon – Fezandipiti, Munkidori, Okidogi, and Terapagos.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is available to pre-purchase from the Nintendo eshop now. By making your purchase, new uniform sets will be immediately available in your Scarlet and Violet game. Also, a special Hisuian Zoroark is available as an early-purchase bonus for those pre-purchasing by 31st October 2023.



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