Pokémon Rumble Card List


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The Pokémon Rumble Set was released on 2nd December 2009.

It has a total of 16 cards none of which have rarity symbols but all are marked with the set logo

The cards in this set are numbered ?/16

All cards are marked with the set symbol

Pokemon Rumble


Pokémon Rumble Card List


All Cards
1/16   Venusaur
2/16   Cherrim
3/16   Ninetales
4/16   Heatran
5/16   Starmie
6/16   Gyarados
7/16   Pikachu
8/16   Zapdos
9/16   Mewtwo
10/16   Mew
11/16   Diglett
12/16   Lucario
13/16   Skuntank
14/16   Bastiodon
15/16   Rattata
16/16   Bibarel




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