Pokémon Snap – New Areas Available

Fans of Pokémon Snap will be delighted to learn that from 4th August 2021 there will be new areas to explore. The regions will be added by enabling a free update of the software.


What is Pokémon Snap?

Pokemon SnapPokémon Snap was released on 30th April 2021 and is an updated version of the 1999 game of the same name.

The title of the game is derived from the fact that you have to photograph Pokémon in particular locations or with specific items. The photos are then given a rating of up to four stars. You can edit photos that you are not completely happy with.

This new version of Pokémon Snap includes 200 Pokémon characters rather than the 63 that appeared in the original. It also has many more courses to follow as you journey around the islands that make up the Lental region.

Additionally, each course can be followed at day and at night giving opportunity to spot both day and night-time Pokémon. Side quests challenge you to snap Pokémon in specific and hidden locations.

In addition to the photography element of the game, you help Professor Mirror in his Pokémon research by observing the creatures in their natural environment, particularly those that sometimes glow. As you travel the courses around the region, Pokémon become more relaxed with your presence and your research level increases. As you reach higher levels the shyer Pokémon begin to reveal themselves enabling you to get good snaps of them.

What New Areas Are Available?

Three new areas will be opened up and there will be 20 new Pokémon to find and photograph.

Secret Side Path

Pokémon Snap - Secret Side Path

After shrinking to a small size, Pokémon in this area appear huge. You can hear their footsteps approaching and if you are close enough you will also hear them breathing.

The region can be explored both day and night. As well as finding new Pokémon, previously encountered Pokémon may exhibit new snappable behaviours. 


Mightywide River

Mightywide River Pokémon SnapThe Mightywide River is the main water source for Belusylva Island. This region can be explored during the daytime and also at night.

You need to stay alert while travelling along this waterway because in addition to searching for wild Pokémon that will help your research mission, you need to make sure that you don’t get caught in the rapids. 


Barren Badlands

Barren Badlands Pokémon SnapAs its name suggests, the Barren Badlands resembles the dry, desert landscape of the wild, wild west. Located on Voluca Island, the region is subject to the hot desert sun and hot dry winds.

The Pokémon that inhabit this region may be found lurking in the shade of the towering rocks or underground. 

Explore by day and by night but be alert for the poisonous, gas-spewing swamps.


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