Pokémon Unite Seasonal Updates 2021

To celebrate the holiday season, there will be a range of Pokémon Unite seasonal updates. These will include a range of in-game challenges and surprises as well as new Pokémon Unite licenses.


Pokémon Unite Seasonal Updates 2021

On 9th December 2021 Tsareena will be added to the list of playable Pokémon in the game. For a limited period players can gain a free Unite license for Tsareena by logging in to the game.

Pokémon Unite Tsareena

On 20th December the popular Pokémon, Dragonite will also join the playable characters list.

From 15th December 2021 to 16th January 2022 Pokémon Unite will feature a number of in-game challenges and surprises to celebrate the Christmas holiday season.

These will include gift boxes for defeating Delibird that contain a one-time battle item, knocked-out Pokémon being turned into snowmen and the availability of special seasonal clothing and footwear.

Pokémon Unite Delibird

Shivre City will feature a Snowball Battle as well as an Illumination Challenge. The Illumination Challenge involves players completing daily and challenge missions to light up the festive tree that will appear in the lobby. Items and special bonuses will also be awarded for collecting lights.

Pokémon Unite Christmas 2021

From 24th December 2021 to 6th January players will be able to take part in the Photo Challenge. This involves collecting snowflakes by taking part in battles which will then complete a special art feature.

To celebrate the New Year, from 1st January to 3rd January players will have access to every Unite License in the main game but not in ranked matches. If you want to try before buying a license, this is the ideal opportunity.

In summary

9th December – New Playable Pokémon—Tsareena
15th December – 16th January – Snowball Battle in Shivre City
15th December – 16th January – Illumination Challenge
20th December – New Playable Pokémon—Dragonite
24th December – 1st January – Log-In Bonus Challenge
24th December – 6th January – Photo Challenge


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