Pokémon Reverse Holo Patterns Timeline – Info & Images


This article gives a complete illustrated list of all Reverse Holo patterns from their introduction in 2002 to present day.

A Reverse Holo, or parallel holofoil card, is a card that has a regular non-holo image at the top but the rest of the card is holographic. It is so-named because it is the reverse of a holo rare card. 


Reverse Holo cards first appeared in 2002 with the release of the Legendary Collection expansion set. They do not form part of the main set but are parallel to that set bearing the same numbers as their counterparts. Reverse Holo cards can be designated Rare, Uncommon or Common to match their non-holo counterparts. They are coloured to match their Pokémon type.


Reverse Holo Patterns Timeline

Listed in reverse order with latest design first

Scarlet and Violet Series 2023

Scarlet & Violet Logo

The Reverse Holo patterns for the Scarlet and Violet series feature a number of the Pokémon type symbols interspersed with pebble-like shapes. To the right of the card the type symbol appears in a circle surrounded by smaller symbols. 

Scarlet and Violet Series Reverse Holo Patterns


Sword and Shield Series 2020 – 2023

Sword and Shield Base Logo

The Sword and Shield series features a pattern of repeated upward facing light and dark chevrons containing the the Pokémon type symbol. This pattern has been criticised for making the writing on the card difficult to read. 

Sword and Shield Reverse Holo Pattern 


Sun and Moon Series 2017 – 2019

Sun and Moon Logo

The design for the Sun and Moon series Reverse Holo cards features the Pokémon type symbol repeated in horizontal rows with a very large symbol occupying the lower right side of the card.

Sun and Moon Reverse Holo Pattern


X Y Series 2014 – 2016

XY Base Set Card List

The Reverse Holo patterns for the X Y series was the same as that of the Black and White series. It features a variety of different sized Pokémon rarity symbols randomly placed over the card. 

X and Y Reverse Holo


Black and White Series Plasma Storm to Plasma Blast 2013

Black and White Series

The three Plasma sets – Plasma Storm, Plasma Freeze and Plasma Blast had two different designs for their Reverse Holo cards. The cards for members of Team Plasma feature a shield in the centre of the text area. Other Reverse Holo cards are the same as the Black and White Series detailed below.

Black and White Team Plasma Reverse Holo


Black and White Series 2011 – 2013

Black and White Series

The Reverse Holo patterns for the Black and White Series sets features different sizes of the Pokémon type symbols spread randomly across the card. 

Black and White Emerging Powers Reverse Holo


Black and White Base Set 2011

Black and White Base Logo

There was no pattern for the Black and White Base Set Reverse Holo cards. Rather, there was a single holographic sheen in the colour of the Pokémon type with a faint rainbow colouration.

Black and White Series Reverse Holo design 

HeartGold SoulSilver 2010 – 2011

HeartGold SoulSilver

The HeartGold SoulSilver Reverse Holo cards featured the same pattern used since 2007 of a holographic sheen with vertical rainbow colours.

HeartGold SoulSilver Reverse Holo


Platinum Series 2009

Platinum Base Set Card List

The Platinum series continued the design of the Diamond and Pearl Series of a shiny rainbow design.

Platinum Series Reverse Holo design


Diamond and Pearl Series 2007 – 2008

Diamond and Pearl Logo

The Reverse Holo patterns for the Diamond and Pearl Series featured a non-patterned holographic design that showed rainbow colours in the light.

Diamond and Pearl Reverse Holo


EX Series Emerald to Power Keepers 2005 – 2007

EX Series 2003 - 2007

These sets have a Reverse Holo design that features a repeated pattern across the text part of the card. The set name is also stamped on the cards.

EX Series 2005 - 2006 Reverse Holo

EX Deoxys 2005

EX Deoxys Logo

The Reverse Holo pattern for the EX Deoxys set incorporated a repeated pattern across the image and text sections of the card. These cards also include the set logo and gold text at the top of the card.

EX Deoxys Reverse Holo


EX Series FireRed LeafGreen 2004

EX FireRed LeafGreen

The design for the FireRed LeafGreen Reverse Holo Cards features a Poké Ball motif, decorated with Pokémon type symbols, in the centre of the card. 

FireRed LeafGreen Reverse Holo


EX Series Hidden Legends 2004

Hidden Legends

The EX Hidden Legends set of 2004 had a unique Reverse Holo pattern that incorporated a large image  of the Pokémon type in the background. 

EX Hidden Legends


EX Series Ruby & Sapphire to Team Magma vs Team Aqua 2003 – 2004

EX Series 2003 - 2007

The EX Series introduced a Reverse Holo card with a rainbow sheen. This style was used for all sets from EX Ruby and Sapphire to Team Magma vs Team Aqua.

EX Series Reverse Holo pattern


Legendary Collection 2002

Legendary Collection logo

This was the first set to include Reverse Holo Cards. The pattern for the card is a busy, distinctive design known as the Firework pattern.

Legendary Collection Trainer Card


Wizards of the Coast Promo Card 2002

Wizards of the Coast Promos Cards

The first ever Reverse Holo cards was the Wizards of the Coast Promo card number 34 featuring Entei. The card features a pattern of circles and stars similar to the Cosmos Holo pattern.

Wizards of the Coast Reverse Holo card



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