Scarlet & Violet 151 Poster Collection


What is the Scarlet & Violet 151 Poster Collection?

The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 151 Poster Collection is a new product released for this special expansion set of the Scarlet and Violet series.  It released on the set launch date – 22nd September 2023. It has a recommended retail price of £17.95 in  the UK and $14.99 in  the US.


Scarlet and Violet 151 Poster Collection

The box dimensions have not yet been released but from the images released it looks likely to  be around the size of the Pin Collection Boxes previously released which measure around 17.9 cm (7 inches) by 19.7 (7.75 inches). 

The artwork for the box features a cut-out window which shows a coloured silhouette of the first three Starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur 0001, Charmander 0004 and Squirtle 0007. above three promo cards of the same characters. The window is surrounded by the artwork for the set – cartoon style images of the first 151 Pokémon. The standard Pokédex images for the three featured Pokémon are shown in the bottom right hand corner.


What is in the Scarlet & Violet 151 Poster Collection?

The contents of the box has been released:

3 black star promo cards depicting the featured characters – Bulbsaur SVP046, Charmander SVP047 and Squirtle SVP048
A code card for the online TCG
Three Scarlet and Violet 151 Booster Packs
A reversible poster showing the 151 Generation I Pokémon in coloured silhouette form on one side and in images and cards on the other.


Scarlet and Violet 151 Poster Collection


Is the Scarlet & Violet Poster Collection good value for money?

The box contains 3 Holo Rare Promo cards, 3 Scarlet & Violet 151 Booster packs and a full-size reversible poster. Holo rare Promo cards generally retail for around £3 ($3) at time of release, more if they are kept. Individual booster packs generally retail for around £4 in the UK and $4 in the US while a full-size poster would retail for around £8 or $8.

Three Booster packs would therefore cost £12 ($12), buying the 3 Promo cards for £3 each would take the total cost to £21 ($21).  Adding the price of the poster takes the total needed to buy the products individually to £28 ($28), far more than the cost of the box. 

The Scarlet & Violet 151 Poster collection therefore represents very good value for money.



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