What are Paradox Pokémon Cards? Info & Images

Paradox Pokémon Cards Explained

Paradox Pokémon cards were first introduced to the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) in March 2023 with the release of the Scarlet and Violet Base Set. 

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Paradox Pokémon cards depict Paradox Pokémon. As their name suggests these are contradictory Pokémon which are either Ancient or Futuristic versions of existing Pokémon. This new mechanic introduces new strategies into the Trading Card Game (TCG). 


Which Sets have Pokémon Paradox Cards?

Paradox Pokémon were introduced with the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in November 2022 and Paradox Pokémon cards were launched with the release of the Scarlet and Violet Base set in March 2023.

To date 14 cards were included with the Scarlet and Violet Base set and 2 in the Obsidian Flames release. They are set to feature heavily in the Paradox Rift set which releases in November 2023.

143/198 Iron Treads ex

The Iron Treads ex card above, is from the Scarlet and Violet Base set. Iron Treads is a futuristic version of Donphan.


How to Identify Pokémon Paradox Cards

The first Pokémon Paradox Cards released in the Scarlet and Violet Base Set and Obsidian Flames had no special marks or wording to identify them as Paradox Pokémon. However, the Paradox Rift expansion is set to introduce the Paradox Pokémon Ancient and Future Mechanic which will see cards featuring Paradox Pokémon marked with either Ancient or Future at the top right of the card, just below the HP.  

Ancient Mechanic Future Mechanic

The Ancient stamp features the word Ancient in white against a background of ancient rocks, while the Future stamp sees the word Future in turquoise blue against a black background encased in a clear-fronted silver and purple metallic capsule.

Additionally Ancient cards will feature the lines of sedimentary rock across half of the text part of regular cards, while Future cards will feature a digital code of red and blue squares on a black background in the same position.

Ancient Graphic  Future Graphic


How are Paradox Pokémon Cards used in the Trading Card Game?

As the new Ancient and Future mechanic has only recently been revealed so it is not yet entirely clear how this will affect the trading card game. However, it is certain that Paradox Pokémon cards will include special abilities or attacks that will change the nature of the game.


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