What is the Astral Radiance Pull Rate?

One of the most important metrics for any new expansion set is the pull rate – the ratio of packs that have rare cards to those that don’t. Sets that have a good pull rate tend to be more popular than those with a low pull rate. We wanted to find out the Astral Radiance pull rate so opened three booster boxes and logged our results


What is an Astral Radiance Booster Box?

Astral Radiance Booster BoxesAstral Radiance is the 10th main expansion set in the Pokémon Sword and Shield series.

The set was released on 27th May 2022 with a presale price of around £115 ($120). At the time of release most stores had stock available and many had reduced their price from the presale price. This could be due to less demand for this set or because stock was not allocated and stockists received the full quota ordered.

New booster boxes are sealed a with clear film covering which has the Pokémon logo imprinted in white.

Each booster box contains 36 sealed booster packs. The booster packs for this set have five different artworks – Origin Dialga, Origin Palkia, Decidueye, Samurott and Typhlosion.


How good is the Astral Radiance pull rate?

The term ‘pull rate’ refers to the numbers of holo, half art, and full art (including ultra and secret rare as well as Trainer Gallery and Radiant Pokémon cards) that are found in booster boxes. The higher the numbers of these cards, the better the pull rate. In this set, the Trainer Gallery cards and Radiant Pokémon cards take the place of a reverse holo, meaning that a pack can have more than one art card.

In addition to logging the overall Astral Radiance pull rate we also logged the pull rate for each pack art design – Origin Dialga, Origin Palkia, Decidueye, Samurott and Typhlosion.

Astral Radiance Pack Art


Astral Radiance Pull Rate Results by Pack Art

Our three booster boxes contained:

21 packs with Origin Dialga, 21 packs depicting Origin Palkia, 21 packs with Decidueye, 23 with Samurott  and 22 packs featuring Typhlosion.

Origin Dialga Artwork

Beedrill V Ultra RareOur 21 packs featuring Dialga included 11 that had no holo or art cards. 

From the other 10 packs we pulled:

062/189  Gallade  (Holo Rare)
068/189  Diancie (Holo Rare)
077/189  Rampardos  (Holo Rare)
100/189  Samurott  (Holo Rare)
107/189  Magnezone  (Holo Rare)

030/189  Starmie V (Half Art)
117/189   Garchomp V (Half Art)
114/189  Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR  (Half Art)

161/189  Beedrill V  (Ultra Rare)

TG03/TG30  Kingdra (Trainer Gallery)
TG05/TG30  Gardevoir  (Trainer Gallery)
TG10/TG30  Galarian Obstagoon  (Trainer Gallery)

This represents a pull rate of 48%

Origin Palkia Artwork

MelonyOut of the 21 packs featuring Origin Palkia, 13 packs had no holo rare or art cards. 

From the remaining 8 packs we pulled:

045/189  Keldeo (Holo Rare)
093/189  Hisuian Sneasler (Holo Rare)
110/189  Bastiodon (Holo Rare)
130/189  Regigigas (Holo Rare)

027/189  Radiant Heatran (Radiant Card)

087/189  Kleavor V (Half Art)
094/189  Sneasler V (Half Art)
113/189  Origin Forme Dialga V (Half Art)

181/189  Adaman (Ultra Rare)

TG07/TG30  Falinks  (Trainer Gallery)
TG08/TG30  Kleavor (Trainer Gallery)
TG26/TG30  Melony (Trainer Gallery)

This represents a pull rate of 38%

Decidueye Artwork

Ice Rider Calyrex

Out of our 21packs, 9 packs contained no holo rare or art cards.

From the other 12 packs we pulled:

016/189  Lilligant (Holo Rare)
066/189  Mesprit  (Holo Rare)
097/189  Absol (Holo Rare)
135/189  Adaman (Holo Rare)
147/189  Iridia (Holo Rare)

027/189  Radiant Heatran (Radiant Card)
046/189  Radiant Greninja (Radiant Card)

030/189  Starmie V (Half Art)
053/189  Typhlosion V  (Half Art)
087/189  Kleavor V  (Half Art)
094/189  Sneasler V (Half Art)

TG06/TG30  Wyrdeer (Trainer Gallery)
TG15/TG30  Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (Trainer Gallery

This represents a pull rate of 57%

Samurott Artwork

Hisuian Samurott VSTAROur 23 packs featuring Samurott included 12 that had no holo rare or art cards.

From the other 11 packs we pulled:

052/189  Typhlosion  (Holo Rare)
2 x 130/189  Regigigas  (Holo Rare)

046/189  Radiant Greninja (Radiant Card)
081/189  Radiant Hawlucha (Radiant Card)

049/189  Galarian Mr Rime V  (Half Art)
113/189  Origin Dialga V (Half Art)
117/189  Garchomp V  (Half Art)

073/189  Machamp VMAX (Full Art)

197/189  Hisuian Samurott VSTAR (Secret Rare)

TG04/TG30  Frosmoth
TG30/TG30  Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX  (Trainer Gallery)

This represents a pull rate of 48%

Typhlosion Artwork

OranguruOur 22 packs featuring Typhlosion included 7 that had no holo rare or art cards.

From the other 15 packs we pulled:

068/189  Diancie (Holo Rare)
082/189  Decidueye  (Holo Rare)
147/189  Irida  (Holo Rare)

081/189  Radiant Hawlucha  (Radiant Card)

040/189  Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Half Art)
087/189  Kleavor V (Half Art)
094/189  Hisuian Sneasler V (Half Art)
098/189  Darkrai V  (Half Art)

026/189  Heatran VMAX  (Full Art)

179/189  Oranguru V (Ultra Rare)

194/189  Machamp VMAX  (Secret Rare)

TG01/TG30  Abomasnow (Trainer Gallery)
TG10/TG30 Galarian Obstagoon (Trainer Gallery)
TG12/TG30  Hoothoot (Trainer Gallery)
TG21/TG30  Zacian V  (Trainer Gallery)

This represents a pull rate of 68%


From our 108 booster packs we pulled 20 holo rare cards, 6 Radiant cards, 17 half art cards, 2 full art cards, 3 full ultra rare cards, 2 secret rare and 14 Trainer Gallery full art cards. This represents an Astral Radiance pull rate of 59%.

If the holo rare cards are removed from the calculation the pull rate falls to 41%

The results analysed by pack art showed that packs with Typhlosion artwork had the better pull rate.

However, it should be remembered that the Astral Radiance pull rate results posted here were taken from three booster boxes. If the sample were larger with more booster boxes being analysed, the result could be different. 



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