What is the Crown Zenith Pull Rate?

This article takes a look at the Crown Zenith pull rate and offers results for the likelihood of finding art cards or special rare cards in the set booster packs.


What is a Pull Rate?

One of the most important metrics for a new expansion set is the pull rate – the ratio of packs that have rare art cards to those that don’t. Sets that have a good pull rate tend to be more popular than those with a low pull rate.

Pull rates are normally applied to booster boxes, but the Crown Zenith expansion is a special set and booster packs are only available in elite trainer boxes and special collection sets.

Crown Zenith Pull Rate

Although a huge number of packs should be opened to get a truly definitive answer to this question, most people only buy one or two elite trainer boxes and we wanted to emulate the experience of the average Pokémon fan. 


Our Sample Packs

We used packs from five Elite Trainer Boxes for our analysis of the Crown Zenith pull rate. The Elite Trainer boxes each contain 10 booster packs which gave us a total of 50 packs to open.

We decided not to log the numbers of holo rare, reverse holo, uncommon or common cards. Crown Zenith comprises a main set of 160 cards and a Galarian Gallery of 70 cards. Galarian Gallery cards take the place of the reverse holo card in a booster pack meaning some packs have two art cards inside. Overall, the set has a large proportion of art cards so we were hoping for a high Crown Zenith pull rate.  


How Good is the Crown Zenith pull rate?

We opened a total of 50 booster packs and logged the cards that were in each pack, making a note of half art, full art and Galarian Gallery cards.

Of the 50 packs, 22 contained no art or Galarian Gallery cards.

28 packs contained either a half art or full art and / or a Galarian Gallery card. The cards from these packs were:

160/159 Pikachu1 x Glacian V  038/159
1 x Zamazenta V  098/159
1 x Rayquaza V  100/159
1 x Rayquaza VMAX  101/159
1 x Rayquaza VMAX  102/159
1 x Duraludon V  103/159
1 x Radiant Eternatus  105/159
1 x Elesa’s Sparkle  147/159
1 x Fire Energy  153/159
1 x Fighting Energy  157/159
1 x Darkness Energy 158/159
1 x Pikachu  160/159
1 x Kricketune  GG02/GG70
1 x Manaphy  GG06/GG70
1 x Toxtricity  GG09/GG70
1 x Lunatone  GG11/GG70
1 x Comfey  GG14/GG70
1 x Thievul  GG17/GG70
1 x Bidoof  GG29/GG70
1 x Pikachu  GG30/GG70
1 x Mareep  GG34/GG70
1 x Suicune  GG38/GG70
1 x Deoxys VSTAR  GG46/GG70
1 x Hoopa V  GG53/GG70
1 x Adaman  GG57/GG70
2 x Arceus VSTAR  GG70/GG70


When looked at in terms of the likelihood of finding an art card in a Crown Zenith Booster Pack, 22 packs out of 50 did contain art cards. This represents a pull rate of 44%

Although only 22 packs out of 50 contained art cards, a number of these contained two art cards. We pulled a total of 27 art cards from 50 packs. Looking at this metric the likelihood of pulling at least one art card from a pack increases to 54%. 

Without doubt the presence of a 70-card Galarian Gallery has improved the pull rate of this set. 

Overall, we were very happy with the cards pulled from our sample of 50 packs. 

It should be remembered that these finding are based on analysis of 50 packs. Using a greater number of packs may give a different result.



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