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What is an Elite Trainer Box Plus?

An elite trainer box is a special set of cards and accessories that has everything necessary to play the Pokémon Trading Card game. An elite trainer box plus differs from an elite trainer box in that it has 12 booster packs rather than the usual 8 or 10.

Elite Trainer Box Plus Zacian

Released in November 2020, a week after the Vivid Voltage expansion set, there are two different boxes. One features Zacian and the other features Zamazenta. The boxes were reprinted in the Spring of 2021. The images in this post are of the Zacian box. 

What is in an Elite Trainer Box Plus?

Zacian Card Holder BoxAfter carefully removing the plastic shrink wrap covering, the outer sleeve can be slid off. Inside there is a Player’s Guide and an inner box. 

The inner box is designed to function as a card holder once the products inside have been removed and features stunning black and gold artwork.

The contents of the inner box are:

A sealed Zacian V Gold Black Star Promo Card SWSH076
12 Sword and Shield sealed booster packs – 3 x Base Set, 3 x Rebel Clash, 3 x Darkness Ablaze and 3 x Vivid Voltage
3 dividers for the card holder box
A sealed pack of 65 card sleeves with Zacian design on the front and gold coloured on the reverse
A sealed pack of 6 gold metal dice and a sealed pack containing 2 gold metal markers.
A metal coin with Zacian design.
A book of the Pokémon Trading Card game rules and a code card tor the online game.

Contents of Elite Trainer Box Plus Zacian


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