Pokémon Lost Zone Explained

What is the Pokémon Lost Zone?


Rotom V Pokémon Lost ZoneThe Pokémon Lost Zone is a feature of the Trading Card game that was re-introduced with the release of the Lost Origin expansion in September 2022.

The Lost Zone has previously appeared in the Platinum Base, Call of Legends, Lost Thunder and Prism Star expansion sets.

When playing the game, cards are regularly transferred to a player’s discard pile but can be returned to the game if required.

Cards that are sent to the Lost Zone cannot be returned to the game. Both Pokémon cards and energy cards can be sent to the Lost Zone and the loss of either or both could severely hamper your ability to win the game.

However, within the Lost Origin expansion there are a number of cards with powerful moves that can only be used if you have a set number of cards in your Lost Zone so actively sending cards there may be vital to a player’s strategy. 

Lost Zone cards can be easily identified because they feature swirling billows of pink, green and purple. Ultra rare and alternate art versions do not have these colours.

With Lost Zone cards now featuring in the current rotation, it is essential that player’s are aware of the power and ramifications of these cards and build their deck accordingly.

How can the Pokémon Lost Zone be used?

Giratina VSTAR Lost ZoneAs a player you may wish to have cards in the Lost Zone since having cards there enables other cards to use powerful moves. For example

Giratina VSTAR 131/196 is a powerful card that can knock out your opponent’s active Pokémon. However, it can only be used if you have 10 cards in your Lost Zone.

Sableye 070/196 is another card that requires the player to have 10 cards in the Lost Zone, but it offers the opportunity to distribute 12 damage counters to your opponent’s Pokémon however you wish. 

Colress’s Experiment 155/196 is an example of a card that can be used to send your own cards to the Lost Zone. It instructs you to ‘Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and put 3 of them into your hand. Put the other cards in the Lost Zone’.

Sending one of your opponent’s cards to the Pokémon Lost Zone means that they cannot use that card for the rest of the game.

Lost City 161/196 requires a card that is knocked out to be placed in the Lost Zone rather than the discard pile. Similarly, Barbaracle 107/196 declares that prize cards go into the lost Zone rather than into a hand.


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