Pokémon Rotation 2024 – Info, Dates & Sets Affected


What sets are affected by Pokémon Rotation 2024?

The Pokémon Rotation 2024 will see a number of sets rotated out of the competitive Trading Card Game Standard Format. It has been announced that for the 2024 – 2025 season, only cards stamped F and above will be legal for tournament play.

This means the loss of all Sword and Shield sets released in 2021 – Shining Fates, Battle Styles, Chilling Reign, Evolving Skies, Celebrations and Fusion Strike. Cards from these sets are all stamped with the letter E in the bottom left hand corner just before the card number.

Pokémon Rotation 2024 


What Mechanics are affected by Pokémon Rotation 2024?

The first main set of 2021, Battle Styles, saw the introduction of the Single Strike and Rapid Strike mechanics. This was followed at the end of the year with the Fusion Strike mechanic which was released in the set of the same name. 

A few cards with these mechanics were included in some sets released in 2022, but while most of the cards in the set are marked with the letter F, cards with these special abilities are marked with the letter E and will be rotating out in 2024.

This means that players who have based their decks around these mechanics will have to build new decks for the 2024 – 2025 season. 

Some cards that are rotating out of Standard Format have been reprinted in later sets that are stamped F and above and so players can continue to use these cards for tournament play. Justin Basil’s site has a comprehensive card status of cards from the 2021 sets.


What date will the Pokémon Rotation 2024 come into effect?

The Pokémon Rotation 2024 date is 5th April, two weeks after the release of the Temporal Forces expansion set. This gives players a chance to get to grips with the new cards that are in that set. 

It was announced during 2023 that Ace Spec cards, which were a feature of the Black and White series, would see a return to the Trading Card Game in 2024. It has now been confirmed that they will be included in the Temporal Forces set. 


Why is Rotation good for the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

Pokémon Rotation is good for the Trading Card Game because it prevents the game from becoming stale. Competitions would soon become very boring if the same decks were used again and again.

When cards are rotated out players have to create new decks and find new gaming strategies. This in turn helps to level the playing field and gives players new to the game a better chance to compete with established players.



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