Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster Packs

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What are Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster Packs?

Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster PacksThe Pokémon Company International has revealed this new product to be released on 1st September 2022.

Designed to celebrate Halloween, Trick or Trade BOOsters will be available for purchase in shops and the Pokémon Center. 

Each BOOster pack will contain three game cards which will feature Pokémon relevant to the Halloween theme. The set will contain 30 cards which will be reprints of existing cards stamped with a pumpkin-faced Pikachu. 

Halloween Pikachu

The artwork for the special BOOster packs featured Gengar and Pikachu in a dark shadowy landscape.

The BOOster packs will not be available to purchase singly but will be sold in Pokémon Trick or Trade Bundle which will contain 40 of the three card packs. 

The background artwork for the Pokémon Trick or Trade bundle is the same as that of the individual packs except that it is orange rather than the purple of the boosters. 

Pokémon Trick or Trade Booster Bundle

The official announcement of the Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster packs included a statement that this new product has been produced with the aim of the packs or cards being given out for ‘Trick or Treat’ instead of sweets.