Pokémon V Strikers Tins Empoleon V and Tyranitar V

V and VMAX powers were introduced with the Sword and Shield series which launched in February 2020. The new speciality powers replaced the GX and EX powers of previous sets.

The V Strikers Tins Collection launched on 21st May 2021. There are two different tins featuring two popular characters – Rapid Strike Empoleon V and Single Strike Tyranitar V.  Each tin is individually sealed. 


V Strikers Tins


What is inside the V Strikers Tins?

V Strikers Tin Promo Card

First, the plastic shrink-wrap needs to be carefully removed to avoid scratching the artwork on the outside of the tin. Once it has been done, the lid of the tin can be removed to reveal a black star promo card for that tin’s character.

The promo card is held securely in place by two slots in the honeycomb patterned cardboard insert.

underneath the promo card is an online code card for that character’s V Striker Tin.

The Single Strike Tyranitar V card is numbered SWSH109 and the Rapid Strike Empoleon V is SWSH108. The cards are currently selling for around £5 each on Ebay UK.

The top plastic casing lifts out to reveal 4 sealed booster packs. The booster packs are the same in each tin – 1 x XY Steam Siege, 1 x Darkness Ablaze and 2 x Battle Styles.

We opened one of each tin and the pull rate was the same for each tin. Two of the booster packs had white code cards and either a holo or art card, while the other two had green code cards.

The image below shows the contents of the Tyranitar V Strikers Tin.

Tyranitar V Striker Tin



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