Radiant Collection Card List

This page includes a complete Pokémon Radiant Collection Card List.

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Radiant Collections are subsets of regular Pokémon expansion sets. To date there have been two sets that have included these cards:

Black and White Legendary Treasures, released 6th November 2013, included a 25-card Radiant Collection subset with cards numbered ?/RC25. These cards were developed from Shiny Collection cards that had been released in Japan. Like regular cards the artwork only covers the top half of the cards, but the whole card was covered with a holographic pattern which glitters when the card is moved in the light. 

XY Generations was released on 22nd February 2016 as part of Pokémon’s 20 year anniversary celebrations. This set included a 32-card Radiant Collection subset with cards numbered ?/RC32. However, the sparkly holographic pattern used in the Legendary Treasures set was replaced with the standard holographic pattern for full art cards. Regular cards have a holographic pattern merged with the regular non-holo finish.

Radiant Collection Card List - Pikachu RC29/RC32
Pikachu from the XY Generations Radiant Collection

Listed below is a complete Pokémon Radiant Collection card list. Cards are grouped by expansion set and Pokémon type.


Pokémon Radiant Collection Card List

BW Legendary Treasures Logo

Grass Type Grass Type
RC1/RC25   Snivy  ●

RC2/RC25   Servine  ●
RC3/RC25   Serperior  ◆
RC21/RC25   Shaymin EX  ★U

Fire Type Fire type symbol
RC4/RC25   Growlithe  ◆
RC5/RC25   Torchic  ●
RC22/RC25   Reshiram  ★U

Water Type  Water type
RC6/RC25   Piplup  ◆

Electric Type  Electric type
RC7/RC25   Pikachu  ◆
RC23/RC25   Emolga  ★U

Psychic Type Psychic Type
RC8/RC25   Ralts  ●
RC9/RC25   Kirlia  ●
RC10/RC25   Gardevoir  ◆
RC11/RC25   Meloetta EX  ★
RC24/RC25   Mew EX  ★U
RC25/RC25   Meloetta EX  ★U

Fighting Type  Fighting Type
RC12/RC25   Stunfisk  ◆

Dark Type  Dark Type
RC13/RC25   Purrloin  ◆

Normal Type  Normal Type
RC14/RC25   Eevee  ◆
RC15/RC25   Teddiursa  ●
RC16/RC25   Ursaring  ●
RC17/RC25   Audino  ●
RC18/RC25   Minccino  ●
RC19/RC25   Cinccino  ◆

Trainer Card
RC20/RC25   Elesa  ●

XY Generations Radiant Collection Card List

Grass Type  Grass Type
RC1/RC32   Chikorita  ●
RC2/RC32   Shroomish  ●

Fire Type    Fire type symbol
RC3/RC32   Charmander  ●
RC4/RC32   Charmeleon  ●
RC5/RC32   Charizard  ◆
RC6/RC32   Flareon EX  ★H
RC28/RC32   Flareon EX  ★H

Water Type  Water type
RC7/RC32   Snorunt  ●
RC8/RC32   Froslass  ◆

Electric Type  Electric type
RC9/RC32   Raichu  ●
RC10/RC32   Dedenne  ◆
RC29/RC32   Pikachu  ★

Psychic Type  Psychic Type
RC11/RC32   Wobbuffet  ●
RC12/RC32   Gulpin  ●
RC13/RC32   Jirachi  ◆
RC14/RC32   Espurr  ●
RC15/RC32   Meowstic  ◆

Dark Type  Dark Type
RC16/RC32   Yveltal  ◆

Fairy Type  Fairy Type
RC17/RC32   Flabebe  ●
RC18/RC32   Floette  ◆
RC19/RC32   Swirlix  ◆
RC20/RC32   Slurpuff  ◆
RC21/RC32   Sylveon EX  ★H
RC22/RC32   Diancie  ◆
RC30/RC32   Gardevoir EX  ★H
RC31/RC32   M Gardevoir EX  ★H
RC32/RC32   Sylveon EX  ★H

Normal Type  Normal Type
RC23/RC32   Swablu  ●
RC24/RC32   Altaria  ◆
RC25/RC32   Fletchling  ●
RC26/RC32   Floral Crown  ●
RC27/RC32   Wally  ◆



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