Pokémon Sword & Shield Radiant Cards List

This page includes a complete Sword and Shield Pokémon Radiant Cards List.

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Radiant Pokémon were first introduced in the Sword and Shield Astral Radiance Expansion set. Between one and four Radiant Pokémon cards have been included in subsequent sets. These cards have a unique foil pattern that covers the whole card and appears as a repeating criss-cross pattern.

Radiant Eevee

Cards depicting Radiant Pokémon are always Basic Stage but have a higher HP than regular basic Pokémon and improved Abilities. They also have a rarity of rare and are marked with ★.

Listed below is a complete Pokémon Radiant Cards list. Cards are grouped by expansion set and Pokémon type.



Pokémon Radiant Cards List

Sword and Shield Promo Cards

Normal Type Normal Type
SWSH230  Radiant Eevee

Astral Radiance Logo

Fire Type Fire type symbol
27/189 Radiant Heatran

Water Type  Water type
46/189 Radiant Greninja

Fighting Type Fighting Type
81/189 Radiant Hawlucha

Pokémon Go

Grass Type Grass Type
004/078 Radiant Venusaur

Fire Type Fire type symbol
011/078 Radiant Charizard

Water Type Water type
018/078 Radiant Blastoise

Lost Origin Chase Cards

Psychic Type Psychic Type
69/196   Radiant Gardevoir

Dark Type Dark Type
123/196   Radiant Hisuian Sneasler

Steel Type Steel Type
124/196   Radiant Steelix

Silver Tempest

Grass Type Grass Type
009/195   Radiant Tsareena

Psychic Type Psychic Type
59/195   Radiant Alakazam

Steel Type Steel Type
120/195   Radiant Jirachi

Crown Zenith Card List

Fire Type Fire type symbol
020/159   Radiant Charizard  ★H

Electric Type Electric type
051/159   Radiant Charjabug 

Dragon Type Dragon Type
105/159   Radiant Eternatus  ★H


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