Rayquaza vs Noivern V Battle Deck


What is the Rayquaza vs Noivern V Battle Deck?

Rayquaza vs Noivern Battle Deck

The Rayquaza vs Noivern V Battle Deck released on 8th October 2021 as a double deck set. The two decks are also available individually.

The double V Battle Deck double set measures 20 cm (8 inches) x 19 cm (7.5 inches) x 4 cm (1.6 inches) and has a recommended retail price of £27.99 ($39). 

The box has a cut out section on the front which reveals the featured black star promo cards for each set – Rayquaza V  SWSH147 and Noivern V SWSH148. These are alternate art cards to the V cards in the Evolving Skies set.


What is in the Rayquaza V and Noivern V Battle Decks

Battle Decks and Theme decks are produced with gamers in mind. They include a selection of cards that make up a ready-to-play themed deck and include everything needed to get started playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cards are often taken from a variety of expansion sets within a particular series. The product is mainly aimed at those learning to play the game. More experienced gamers with a greater understanding of the cards available will be able to put together their own decks.

Rayquaza and Noivern are both Dragon type Pokémon. These are strong Pokémon with good resistance.

Rayquaza v Noivern battle decks contentsFrom the front of the box it can be seen that the Rayquaza V card is the same as a promo card released earlier this year in Japan. It has two special moves – Dragon Pulse and Spiral Burst.

The Noivern V card also has two special moves – Boomburst and Synchro Loud.

In addition to the V art cards, each deck includes:

A standard 60-card deck,
3 reference cards,
A book of the rules of the game,
A playmat,
A set of damage counters,
A large metallic coin,
A deck box,
A booklet of hints and strategies,
An online code card

The double pack also contains a sealed pack of cards: 
2 x Professor’s Research  060/072
2 x Gordie 149/203
2 x Quick Ball  179/202
2 x Energy Switch 161/202
An online code card for the double set


Rayquaza V Battle Deck Card List

Rayquaza V promo card1 x Rayquaza V   SWSH147
2 x Lanturn   053/203
3 x Chinchou   052/203
2 x Volcarona   024/198
3 x Larvesta   023/198
2 x Thundurus   052/198
1 x Manectric   052/185
2 x Electrike   051/185
2 x Simisear   027/189
3 x Pansear   026/189
2 x Dan   158/192
1 x Energy Retrieval   160/202
2 x Energy Search   161/202
2 x Escape Rope   125/163
2 x Evolution Incense   163/202
1 x Gordie   149/203
4 x Great Ball   164/203
2 x Gym Trainer   059/072
4 x Hop   165/202
2 x Potion   177/202
1 x Sonia   167/192
8 x Fire Energy
8 x Lightning Energy

Noivern V Battle Deck Card List

Noivern V Promo Card1 x Noivern V SWSH148
2 x Lugia   140/189
2 x Xatu   077/192
3 x Natu   076/192
2 x Crobat   091/163
3 x Golbat   090/163
3 x Zubat   089/163
2 x Alcremie   087/192
3 x Milcery   086/192
4 x Copycat   143/203
1 x Dan   158/192
2 x Energy Search   161/202
2 x Escape Rope   125/163
2 x Evolution Incense   163/202
1 x Gordie   149/203
4 x Great Ball   164/202
4 x Hop   165/202
2 x Potion   177/202
1 x Sonia   167/192
8 x Darkness Energy
8 x Psychic Energy




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