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AZ Pokémon Trainer Facts

AZ is a Pokémon Trainer that first appeared in the games X and Y that released in October 2013. 

AZ is a very tall and ancient Pokémon trainer. More than 3,000 years ago he gained eternal life from a from a machine he was using to bring his Floette Pokémon back to life. The machine also caused him to grow very tall, more than 3 metres (9 feet). He has a mass of very long white hair which hangs to his waist. He is generally depicted wearing grey trousers, brown boots, brown jumper and wearing a green scarf around his neck.



AZ Pokémon Trainer Facts
AZ Games Appearances
Pokémon Team
AZ Pokémon Trainer Cards


AZ Pokémon Trainer Facts

AZ Pokémon Trainer

English Name – AZ
Japanese Name – AZ
First Appearance – 2013 Pokémon X and Y)
Generations – VI
Regions – Kalos
Trainer Class – Trainer
Location – Lumiose City
Partner Pokémon – Floette
Hometown – Not known
Known Family – Brother – Lysandre
Age – 3,000+ years
Gender – Male
Hair Colour – White
Eye colour – Black


AZ Games Appearances

Pokémon X and Y 2013


AZ’s Pokémon Team

AZ chooses a variety of Pokémon. His team is listed below:

Lumiose City

Torkoal PokémonTorkoal Golurk PokémonGolurk Sigilyph PokémonSigilyph


AZ Pokémon Trainer Cards List

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XY Phantom Forces 2014
91/119 AZAZ
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 91/119

117/119 AZAZ
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 117/119


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117/119 AZ
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