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Avery Pokémon Trainer Facts

Avery is a Pokémon Trainer and minor Gym Leader in the Galar League. He first appeared in the Isle of Armor expansion to the game Pokémon Shield that released in June 2020. 

Avery is a Pokémon trainer and mystic who has the ability to move objects through telekinesis. He has blue eyes and long blond hair. He is depicted wearing a purple shirt and shorts which have red, yellow and blue decoration and a black ruffle on his chest. He wears knee-high stockings with white feet and black t-bar shoes. On his head is a large, black top hat. 



Avery Pokémon Trainer Facts
Avery Games Appearances
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Avery Pokémon Trainer Cards


Avery Pokémon Trainer Facts

Avery Pokémon Trainer

English Name – Avery
Japanese Name – Shūmei)
First Appearance – 2020 (Isle of Armor, Pokémon Shield)
Generations – VIII
Regions – Isle of Armor
Trainer Class – Minor Gym Leader
Location – Various
Partner Pokémon – Psychic Type
Hometown – Not known
Known Family – None
Age – Adult
Gender – Male
Hair Colour – Blond
Eye colour – Blue


Avery Games Appearances

Isle of Armor expansion, Pokémon Shield 2020


Avery’s Pokémon Team

Avery chooses Psychic type Pokémon. His teams are listed below:

1st Battle – Fields of Honor

Abra PokémonAbra Slowpoke Pokémon


2nd Battle – Warm Up Tunnel

Slowpoke Pokémon Woobat PokémonWoobat Kadabra Pokémon


3rd Battle – Battle Court

Galarian PonytaGalarian Ponyta Swoobat PokémonSwoobat Kadabra Pokémon
Galarian Slowbro

Galarian Star Tournament – Wyndon Stadium

Galarian Slowbro Alakazam PokémonAlakazam Galarian SlowkingGalarian Slowking


Avery Pokémon Trainer Cards List

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SWSH Chilling Reign 2021
130/198 AveryAvery
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 130/198

187/198 AveryAvery
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 187/198

211/198 AveryAvery
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 211/198


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130/198 Avery
187/198 Avery
211/198 Avery
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