BW Dragon Vault Card List


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The Black and White Dragon Vault Expansion was released on 5th October2012.

It is a small set with just 21 cards including 1 secret rare 
There are no rarity markings on the cards

Cards in this set are numbered ?/20
All cards are marked with the set symbol

Dragon Vault Symbol

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BW Dragons Vault Card List


1/20   Dratini
2/20   Dratini
3/20   Dragonair
4/20   Dragonair
5/20   Dragonite
6/20   Bagon
7/20   Shelgon
8/20   Salamence
9/20   Latias
10/20   Latios
11/20   Rayquaza
12/20   Axew
13/20   Axew
14/20   Fraxure
15/20   Fraxure
16/20   Haxorus
17/20   Druddigon
18/20   Exp. Share
19/20   First Ticket
20/20   Super Rod
21/20   Kyurem  ★H


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