Celebrations Elite Trainer Box – What’s in the Box?

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What is an Elite Trainer Box?

Celebrations Elite Trainer Box

An Elite Trainer Box (ETB) is a special set of cards and accessories that includes everything necessary to play the Pokémon Trading Card game.

The Celebrations Elite Trainer Box is one of a number of boxed products included in this special expansion set that celebrates Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary.  

The Celebrations Elite Trainer Box was released on the set launch date – 8th October 2021.

All products for this special set are in high demand and most stockists sold out on the presale. However, it has been announced that 25th Anniversary products, including the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box will be released in three waves – October, December and early 2022.

The box artwork depicts the 25th Anniversary logo on a pale grey background which features cartoon-style drawings of Pokémon characters.

What is in the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box?

After removing the plastic shrink wrap covering, the outer sleeve covering can be slid off to reveal an inner box and a Player’s Guide.

Celebrations ETB Inside

The inner box holds the main contents of the box and is designed to function as a card holder once the products inside have been removed.

The contents of the inner box are:

10 Celebrations sealed booster packs
5 regular booster packs – 2 x Darkness Ablaze, 1 x Vivid Voltage, 1 x Battle Styles, 1 x Chilling Reign
An art card featuring Greninja gold star
A code card for the online game
A sealed pack of assorted energy cards
4 dividers for the card holder box 
A sealed pack of 65 card sleeves with 25th Anniversary artwork
A sealed pack of dice and a sealed pack containing 2 markers.
A book of the Pokémon Trading Card game rules and a code card tor the online game.

Celebrations ETB Contents